"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sometimes They Don't Go Away...

Firstly...Heros. Anyone? Anyone? I guess you really could have started watching it Monday, without the past 2 seasons, but wheres the fun in that? So much happened! If Peter is in the past to fix things, why not go back and fix things again since he screwed up and now Sylar has Claires powers? Great! It'll obviously work out, havn't we all seen the butterfly effect? And what's up with Nikki does she have a third personality now? With a new ability? And, let's join in together to say that Dr. Saresh is a dumbass. Good thing he got laid cus I doubt he gets any more with the way he's turning into a monster.

This past weekend, I spent Friday with my manfriend. We went out to the bar with his neighbors. Too bad the waitress was all up on his nutsack and I thought I might have to knock her out by the end of the night when she told him she liked him, because he's funny. What eva. I don't care if she was doing her job, I wanted to push her down and cut off her hair and shove it down her throat. I'm really not crazy. And, I can't blame her, he is magically delicious. Long as it's from a distance. Betch.

Saturday morning the manfriend got up early and left me. He went with the fam to Michigan for the Notre Dame game. (which is only interesting if you like sports, which I don't). The interesting part is where I say how much I missed him, and how much I love his cute butt. And how he left me an adorably cute note for when I got up. And sent me a picture of the band when they were on the field. Cus...I was in the band. And it's awesome.

What else interesting happened that night? Oh yes, someone from the past texted me. You know, the one I keep telling I'm in love now? The one who I stopped responding to, only apparently that hasn't worked? The one I havn't seen since before I met the boy? I was out with the manfriend, and he texted me "we should kickit." I said "I'm in cleveland kicking it with my boyfriend you know, the one I'm in love with". You'd think he'd drop it, but his response? "You should be kickin it at (insert clueless's name here) house". Clearly I didn't respond.

And I havn't told my guy any of this, because theres nothing to worry about. I've never been more happy with a guy, so why would I screw that up? I know what's out there! But the more he does it the more I feel like I'm keeping it from him, and that's like the third time he's texted me while I have been with him. I think perhaps I'm not being clear and I should respond with "fuck off" or something? Suggestions? I don't want to start unnecessary drama. Men are all the same, they only want what they can't have.

Then on SaturdayI went out with the girls for Bethie's birthday which was a killer time. We met some guy who was wasted named Amos, who apparently offered to buy us drinks but we ignored. I didn't forget to call him "Famous Amos" which I found highly amusing in my inebriated state. And this Brazilian guy named Giovani, who just helped himself to our table. He was by the way, extremely wasted, and totally entertaining. He took pictures for us, so he came in handy. Then we jetted to the valley and kicked it at the Nut House. We went to eat at Luigi's afterwards, and what's good about Luigi's is a) it's delicious, and 2) it's open late and we beat the bar rush.

P.S. This season on the biggest loser, they have these body buggs. I have to have one.


Erin said...

okay, that is a big no for me on the Hereos - I just don't get that show!

And a YES on the body bugg - I want one so bad I can't even tell you!

Ms. Megan said...

Haven't gotten around to watching Heros yet... but I did TIVO it!

The ex guy... It sounds like you are goign to have to be really rude and tell him to f*** Off!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

This post really really really needs pictures! Heck, fake pics even!

Barb said...


Biggest Loser: I didn't know that thing had a name. I was very interested in it also until I checked the price! Yikes! Too much for my blood (right now)!