"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Smiley Girl...

Hello boys and girls! Today I'm going to start out with some great news. I have officially dropped two sizes. *cheers* Thank you, no, please, hold your applause! Today, I was wearing pants 2 sizes too big, and literally holding them up so they wouldn't fall off. All the girls were giving me a hard time, but I don't have the money to be buying new clothes! So I went to Old Navy anways. I tried on a bunch of clothes 2 sizes smaller, and they fit. The jeans are mighty snug, but the khakis? Perfection! So, I got a pair of jeans, and khaki's. Then I got a $5 T-shirt. One size smaller than usual. I put it all on my charge card, but you know what? I deserve it for all the hard work I do. And I really do look ridiculous 99% of the time walking around in clothes that are huge. I have no shame! My goal is only 1 more size. That's it! I'm almost there, I can taste it!

Now, onto the new boy in my life. He happened to come to see me last night. We were laying in my bed chatting, and when I got up to pee, I noticed the time was 4:00 a.m. Ummm...yea, time kinda flies when you are having fun. I didn't get to sleep til about 5:30 and got up for work at 7. How's that 1.5 hours of sleep workin for ya? Not too shabby folks. I think I'm use to sleep deprivation from the shit hours I work on the weekends. At lunch, I got 2 sugar free red bulls and I'm good to go!

We had yet another amazing conversation last night. As usual. He makes me laugh, and we talk about some deep stuff, that's awesome. We discussed "moving forward" and what our expectations in a relationship are. We've had very similar pasts, and have both put in the effort with ourselves to find out what we want, and how to make ourselves happy. I asked him how he is enjoying his vacation and he said "I met an amazing girl, the kind you can stay up all night talking to, and we had a great date on Friday". He said something else about me being beautiful or something but, I don't want to boast. I told him, "I think I might have to kick this girls ass". We are dorks like that, and thats what makes him so much more amazing to me.

He likes that we can chat about the world, and I can "keep up" with the conversation. I like the same thing about him. It makes him that much more attractive to me. He's smart. We click. And he's easy on the eyes! I can't wait to see him again on Sunday! I have to give a shout out to Kat who has always urged me to find a man online. Holla!

I dunno how this is going to work with me working weekends when he goes back to work. When we will find time for each other, but I know if it's meant to be it will. I am seriously thinking about taking the certification for Body Sculpting, and teaching classes for extra money. I use to lead them at my old job, and I'm pretty sure I could get thru a class as much as I work out. I think it's my new goal. You travel around and teach the classes, you know for money. How awesome would that be? Pretty awesome!


Slick said...

2 sizes?? Dang girl, you keep up that pace and you'll blow away with the wind!

Sounds like things are getting even better with the fella... ;)

Bianca said...

Girl, your life sounds fab. I'm so happy for you!

Mon said...

well i might not blow away, but i might get knocked around! lol

it is pretty darn great. Except for working two jobs, but in time, all good things come to those who wait