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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do You Like to Watch?...

For your enjoyment...This is my season pass list in my Tivo...in order of importance, so Tivo knows what's up when there are scheduling conflicts. Yes, my list has 75 shows, but they aren't all running at the same time, so it's really not as pathetic as it looks.....is it?

1. Lost

2. Heros

3. Grey's Anatomy

4. Desperate Housewives

5. The Biggest Loser (families, starts sept 16!!! and Jillian is back!)

6. The 4400 (which I first thought Heros totally ripped off...similar concept, but Heros definately wins even if it came after..)

7. Big Brother

8. Fringe - this show was realllly good!!

9. Til Death

10. Kitchen Nightmares

11. Million Dollar Listing

12. Flipping Out

13. Blow Out

14. Dr. 90210

15. Ugly Betty

16. Private Practice

17. Oprah

18. Ellen

19. The View

20. E-Vet Interns

21. Meerkat Manor

22. Animal Cops Houston

23. Animal Cops Detroit

24. Animal Precinct

25. The Mole

26. Pushing Daisies (three weeks, ERIN!)

27. October Road (I think its been canceled. wa wa waaaaa...)

28. Wife Swap

29. Extreme Makeover (I think this is not comin back...couldn't find a link. Siiiiiigh)

30. Extreme Makeover Home Edition

31. The Baby Borrowers

32. Kath and Kim (hasn't started yet but I'm psyched)

33. Medium

34. My Name is Earl

35. Flip This House

36. Intervention

37. Criss Angel Mindfreak

38. Paranormal State

39. Ghost Hunters

40. The Two Coreys

41. Gene Simmons Family Jewels

42. Pam: Girl on The Loose

43. Psychic Kids

44. Denise Richards: It's Complicated (season over)

45. The Girls Next Door (season over)

46. America's Next Top Model

47. Greatest American Dog

48. Shear Genius (season over)

50. Top Design

51. Date My Ex: Jo and Slade (season over, she picked the right guy!!!)

52. The Real Housewives of Atlanta (not started yet...eeek)

53. Tabitha's Salon Takeover

54. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List

55. Millionaire Matchmaker

56. 90210 (shut up)

57. How I Met Your Mother (LOL funny...hard to find)

58. The Amazing Race (I think the manfriend should try out for this with me. We could totally win! And it's casting time!)

59. The Ex List (new showw)

60. The Grizzly Man Diaries (this show is awesome. If I died being attacked by cats...while it would hurt, I would be ok with it in the next life.

61. 30 Days

62. Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency

63. Workout

64. House

65. I love Money

66. Trading Spouses - (is this comin back?)

67. A Haunting (havnt been new ones in foreverr)

68. Men in Trees (is this coming back...anyone? anyone?)

69. Ace of Cakes

70. The ghost Whisperer

71. Hell's Kitchen.

72. Fear Itself

73. Priviledged (new addition)

74. Psych

75. Days of Our Lives (which I have deleted the recordings for months and think I am going to cut from the list. Salem is too young a crowd for me these days)


Ms. Megan said...

Desperate Housewives, Big Brother, Days of Our Lives, Biggest Loser, Real World Road Rules Challenge, Two and Half men, Rules of Engagment... those are some of my top DVR's!! Glad to see your list... and someone as obessesed with their TIVO as I am :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok. First, you are a nerd. You linked most of them. Ahhh hahaha

Secondly, you seem to be missing a few:

From G's to Gents
Stargate Atlantas
Battlestar Galactic
The Simpsons
Kitchen Nightmares (You'd like this one)
Prison Break
Kid Nation (This is over)
South Park
True Life
Run's House
Miami Ink
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Flavor of Love
Ice Road Truckers
Making the Band 4
Flipping Out
Snoop Dogg's Father Hood
Parking Wars
Celebrity Rehab
Living with the Mek
Last Resturant Standing
Celebrity Fit Club

We have 101 -- a lot of those could be taken off because they aren't on anymore.

Mon said...

ms. Megan:

I tivo most of those, on a case by case basis. I don't mess with my season pass list because I value my shows too much to risk them not being recorded. If i have a 'gap' in programming, (I call it "I have a free 8:00...." I'll look for things to record. A lot of those i do watch.

Erin said...

How the heck did I miss one of your TV posts??

In answer to a few of your questions - yes, Men in Trees was cancelled which I am TOTALLY bummed out about. Also, October Road was cancelled with absolutely no season finale which leaves all these burning questions unanswered. Which by the way, I can't understand - that show was awesome. It should be put on the WB and it would have a heck of a following!

And now, I think your list is extremely reasonable and not at all pathetic! I only wish one day I can also enjoy the wonderful ability that TiVo has to make sure I catch all my shows. I actually have to stay home and watch them :)

And yes, I will give Pushing Daisies a try - I promise!