"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bitch Bitch Bitch...

So, besides worrying about a date this week, now I have PMS. And, today, I broke two fucking nails. TWO! So, not only will I be nervous, I'll be bloated, and bitchy too. With retarded looking nails. He'll love me. I just know it. I think I will wear a boob shirt to everyones urging.

I'm working at the police station tonight. What sucks about that is I don't get to go home after work. It's only one day and I should shut the hell up. Eventually I can quit. My time will come. If I quit buying jewelry, I might actually bring home some money. I only owe like $130 on my account. I see you judging me. But, what would you do if you could buy stuff at cost?

You know my own mother keeps telling me I should marry for money, because love fades. Isn't that a way to squash a girls dreams? I'm the kinda girl who would rather be poor and be happy. Once you know what happy is, you won't ever go back! Well, ok, so not POOR, but like I am now. I have my needs met, but I'm not rich. That makes me happy. I can have whatever I want, because I believe I can!

I started walking on an incline last night on the treadmill. I guess it was getting too easy. Everything I read says that you only have to walk for 30 min a day and break a sweat to lose weight. Yet, I'm pumping out an hour and sweating my ass off. I can only imagine how much more difficult it will become the more weight I lose. That's why I'm only increasing difficulty a tiny bit at a time. I don't want to wind up living to workout. That sure doesn't sound like any fun!

I dunno if I've ever mentioned how I hate change. But I do. I lost that stupid pound I gained on vaycay but I havn't lost more. I want to kick 5lbs more off, because then I'll be at an even 40lb loss. I still want to lose 30 beyond that, but in time. I need to get my freaking ass out of bed in the morning and work out. I think life would be so much simpler! I'd get to work on time. Be free after work. One of these days, I'll do it.


THW said...

Don't stress too much about the nails. Unless you specifically point them out, most guys don't pay attention to them. They're more interested in boobs. Or your butt. Any guy that's more interested in how your fingernails look rather than boob/butt is of questionable orientation.

The only times I've personally ever noticed someone's nails is if its: 1. pointed out to me or 2. they're really long and disgusting.

So what's a boob shirt?

Mon said...

you know a boob shirt, is a shirt which shows off the cleavage! lol. like a shiny object to a fish for men!

THW said...

Duh, boob shirt. Well, that was obvious. I feel dumb now.

Guys like shiny things.
And boobs.

A shiny boob shirt would be the coolest.