"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Office Space....

At work yesterday, I was at the tail end of the project I'd been working on for days. Which was stupid post cards for the billions of employees stating how much money they had to sell to win the free trip this year. Printed on these freaking perforated cards. The process was long, and ridiculous. You know, torn apart, and stuffed into the corresponding labeled envelopes. I spent 5 hours on Friday, above the 8 I get paid for, doing this freaking shit. Not to mention the time over I've been working prior to, and after that.

Monday, the project is due. My boss leaves around noon, family business. We're almost done stuffing these stupid cards into a billion envelopes, and here comes the girl who sent me the file with the numbers I merged into my stupid post cards.

"How are you?"

"Just fantastic" (yes, I say this)

"Not for long. It seems A/P (note the blame being placed on accounts payable, when the girl who gave me the info is an analyst, mkay?) gave us the wrong (specific stupidly named sales report) numbers, and this may have to be re-run. Are you almost done with them?"

"Ohhhhh.....kayyyy....yes, they were due today, so they are almost done. And..I don't have any more post cards to re-run the new numbers on"

So I think to myself, I have the graphic, I can use card stock and re-create the stupid post cards, minus the perforations, I can use the cutter. I did spend a lot of years in marketing, you improvise. The downside? Our color printer is completely busted, and an outside vendor has to come fix it. In like, two weeks. Balls!

My peeps are already discouraged over the project, but I'm optimistic! About an hour later, here comes the analyst. She hands me a package of postcards (she was obviously hoarding to watch me sweat) and that made me happy. What made me happier is that she said we only had to re-do 36 cards.

The moral of the story is to always give someone totally shitty news, then back it up with some less shitty news. It's a great way to get someone excited about how you took a crap on them. And that's office politics.

I have to take another diversity class today from 1-5. I already took one as a team member. I have to take FIVE more as a supervisor. Five. That is 25 total hours I have to take. How freaking diverse do I need to be? Last week we had diversity day. Where I ate a lot of diversified food. The Saffron Patch was there, and I actually liked the food!! Of course, so was Alladins, mmm.


Ms. Megan said...

As an analyst I always try to give shitty news and then come back with news that makes the shitty news a little better!! :-)

Barb said...


Did I scream loud enough for you?

Maxie said...

Oh god... I would make someone freakin pay for that. I know the girl that told you may just be the messenger but SOMEONE effed up BIG TIME.

Mon said...

ms megan:
it must be a trick of the trade!

yea, if we use our powers together it might be loud enough!

yea, usually the buck gets passed, but isnt that the way of corporate america?