"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Sunday, September 23, 2007

She's Only Seventeen....

So, I absolutely feel like a teenager. I think it is awesome, because I always said, I wanted to be with a person who made me feel that way again. Not someone who put me on guilt trips and sucked my energy. I didn't know that it was even possible. I had faith....but, seriously, I'm not talking the regular old excitement of a new relationship developing...It's a certain feeling. If things work out with us, take heed. You really can have what you want. All the work I've been doing on myself has got to be paying off. I always believed I could have what I wanted. It's "The Secret" in action.

Anyways, I had to work the weekend, all the while, having a boy running around in my mind. I couldn't concentrate. Remember that feeling? I told him he was in there running around, and to slow down at 3:30 a.m. because I couldn't sleep. He said he was going to tell me to slow down too, cus he was thinking about me. Said he felt like he got run over by a scooter at Wal Mart. I told him how I felt like I was in high school and it was awesome. Then he asked me to the prom. I told him I'd go, but I needed ample time to get a dress. He told me he'd have the most beautiful date. *blush* Just the way that we can be totally talking about something off the wall like that, and get it, and laugh at each other...excites me. I'm a dork that way, and so is he. I love that!!

Then I was listening to Jodeci...trying to sleep. (I know, Jodeci, right?) And when he asked me to the prom I told him "Feenin" was on and it would be a good song to dance to. Then we talked about a few other songs, and he said a better fit would be "crazy for you" by (the great) Madonna. I Totally agreed. *sigh* Remember when you were in high school, and you had to leave the one you really liked, and you had to make curfew, and you took every last second til you HAD to go, and even then it was hard. That's how I feel.

He told me that he had warm feelings about me. And then I told him, that I was glad because I didn't want to be the only one. Seriously, it's that ache in the heart you get when you really want to reach out and touch someone, but they aren't there to touch. And even when they are there, the act of touching them sends that electric feeling all through your body. And them touching you? Fugetaboutit. I don't know how else to explain it. I remember a while back saying that I was going to wind up having to choose what boy to be with. But, there is no choice here. It's pretty clear. Someone called me twice this weekend and I blew him off. I dunno how to end that one other than phasing him out. We'll see.

He said he liked gazing at the stars with me. It may sound corny, but seriously, I love that kind of stuff. I love to watch birds, and butterflies, and grass grow, and think to myself...*sing* "what a wonderful worrrrld". He said it is hard to find someone who enjoys the simple things and I couldn't agree more. It was actually the first time I'd done something like that with a boy. So, when you hear about a girl from Ohio who got arrested, because she tied up a boy she likes and made him live in her closet so he could never leave her......start a letter writing campaign for me. I did it all for the glory of....Nooooo. I think I'll try to snag this one by being myself. It might actually work!

Then, he came to see me after work on Sunday, cus he is on vacation. He drove 45 minutes (which isn't as bad as I thought) to see me cus he's the cutest ever. We are both in the same boat with this one. If he hurts me, he's going to pay. Did I just say that? I was totally kidding!
I dunno, but we might see each other tonight too. It's hard to stay away. ugh.


Slick said...

Ya'll so cheesy! ;)

But it's all cute!

Good luck and if he does hurt you, tell him he'll have me to answer to

EC said...


Man, I'm just so over the top happy for you!!!

Suzi said...

I love this twist in the story of your life!

Mon said...

i know. Im the kind of person I like to make fun of! lol!

Thank you! its a great feeling1

it's a nice change of pace!!