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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tidbits from Work..

I hated leaving the manfriend this morning. What else is new. It's worse since it's chilly and he is so warm and cuddly and I want to steal him.

Anyhooo....this was yesterday at the office:

Me: "I'm proud of you guys, even with being backed up, and behind, you still finished some of your newsletters on the due date!!!"

Coworker: "Yea but we dont get anything for it!"

Me: "you get a 'job well done' from me "

And I had to sit down. Before I said, YOU AREN'T REWARDED FOR THINGS YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO DO. Or, "YOU GET TO KEEP YOUR JOB!" Sometimes I want to strangle people. Does this make me a bad supervisor?

Obviously, it doesn't because in my review, I got middle to high marks, for my first six months of being a supervisor. I've exceeded her expectations. Exceeded! I have goals and things I need to complete before my next review, which is scarey. Like, coming up with a process to streamlining some processes in the department.

But the only thing I have to work on is my people skills. Meaning...I'm not very empathetic. She didn't say that, but I'm big enough to know my own weaknesses. She said I need to nurture my relationships with my "people", and I am pretty sure that's what she meant. Also, I have to make myself the "go-to" girl in the department, throughout the company. The person who knows everything. I have to sell myself. I love a challenge. I've already started on this.

I know I havn't mentioned latley...that I am farted out with working out. I'm still doing it. Five.... Days..... A..... Week. But I'm to a point where I'm bored, you know, every few months I think I go through this. When I was super busy at work and working "overtime" I didn't stay after, I started doing lunch time workouts. Which is what I'm doing now. It's nice because I can go home after work. The only downfall is not getting over an hour workout in, because I have to shower at lunch, so they have been cut into 45 minutes.

Plus I'm working out all the time and not losing weight. (let me interject here and give myself some due props in that I HAVE lost 50lbs and kept it off for a year, and not GAINED it back..*pats back*..) So why am I not losing more weight? Well, I have a serious carb problem. Like, I eat potatos on bread. Or, rice on bread. Or noodles with bread. Make sandwhiches with everything. I can eat 4-5 peices of bread in a day. I could eat more, but part of me has a bit of sense. (if you can call that sensical) I love them. I try to be good and eat whole grain bread. Brown rice. Sugar free everything, salt free everything, unsalted butter (the real stuff). Whole wheat pasta. But, it really doesn't matter when you eat them in large quantities.

And, when even your favorite vegetables are carbs. What's a girl to do?

Is there a carb rehab? Because I should go thru detox. It's that bad. I can also predict that giving them up would make me a horrible person to be around. Send help?

P.S. I was late watching Big Brother. Anyone excited about the win? I'm super happy Keesha got the jury prize! And, Dan was my third choice for winning. After Renney and Keesha.


Alexa said...

i know my mom took some kind of pill to help curb her carbs - i'm not sure what though. maybe a health food store could help you out?

Suzi said...

I'm tellin' ya, get some bread that does NOT have high fructose corn syrup. Betcha anything that is what makes you crave more and more and more. Food manufacturers know this, and that's why they use it. If you eat bread without HFCS, you'll be able to enjoy it, feel good about the fiber you're eating, and not have that maniac craving for more, once you're full. Try that sometime!

Mon said...

a pill? sign me up!

ill check my bread, I eat weight watchers, and brownberry whole and multi grain/lo carb bread. theres a new commercial saying that HFCS is natural and good for you cus its corn. ha ha ha ha

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Are they REALLY trying to say HFCS is good for you???? F*cking corporate scumbags!

Sorry, consumer misinformation about nutrition kinda irks me.

I make my own bread: ingredients for standard white are: high quality bakers flour (at least 11.9% protein), olive oil, sea salt, raw sugar, fresh yeast, water. That way I know there's no crap in it.


I totally love that even though I don't come by to visit as often as I'd like... that you're still all over the man friend. You're a love whore, like me and that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

There is a light Italian bread - I forgot by who, but in WW terms it is only 1 point for 2 pieces which means it is low calorie and low fat. Although it won't help with carbs, it will help cut calories. If you are still working out 5 days a week and not losing then it is time to cut your calories - 100 to 200 per day which is about 1 glass of milk or so which will help you to start losing again

I loved that Dan won - I was super excited!

Great job on the review! WTG!!

And unless empathy is a job requirement I say stick with what you know - people are getting coddled way too much lately!!

Erin said...

oops, sorry, that was me up there :)

Mon said...

alaskan dave
yea, its on a commercial. I imagine the corn farmers sponser it or something!

Totally. I never pictured me as such either! (i said as such and that makes me smart!)

bleh. cutting calories waaaah! when are they gonna invent getting thin by laying around? fo realz!

Barb said...

I think you answered your own question about why you are not losing weight. Way to go on 50#'s! Whoohoo!!

Nope, not too excited about the win on BB. I would have liked Keesha, but oh well. She was really mad at Memphis though huh? *snicker* :) Oh and what a reception Jerry got when he arrived at the jury house huh? Bunch of cry babies! LOL