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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Who Didn't Labor on Labor day? ....

Show of hands...who watched the new 90210? Guilty. Who liked it? Me....I'm suprised I enjoyed it but I did. I liked all the little throwbacks to the original which were obviously put there for all of us die hards! Like "Silver" being Erin Silver, Kelly Taylor and David Silver's sister that was born on the old show...Nat still at the pit. Bringing Brenda back, and of course Kelly. Oh, and the girl at the beginning on the news being Andrea Zucherman's daughter, also born on the old show? Good times! Loved it. Tivod it! Hope they keep up with the guest visits!

Speaking of TV....how bout Jerry being HOH on Big Brother? Could it have sucked anymore? I'm so bummed about Renny and Keesha. My faves. Sigh. And do you think they will tell Renny about the hurricane? Like they told that one chick a few seasons back about 9/11 cus of her family.

I spent the weekend with my manfriend! (given) We went to a party at Kat's on Saturday, a guitar Queero party. Where people played guitar hero. In true nerdy fashion. I think we were the only ones really drinking. Honestly, what's the world come to when even the 30 something's are engrossed in video games at parties?

Will the next step really be "virtual" sex like in those futuristic movies? Kill me now.

Sunday we went to another cookout. It was a really nice day too! We had many coronas...and some blueberry vodka shots (yum?!)...and enjoyed a nice fire. And food. Yes, the food was good! I didn't even cook anything for labor-less day. I bought spinich dip and the bread bowl. I didn't even scoop the dip into the bowl, I cut a chunk out and stuck the container inside.

Monday, we tried our hardest not to labor on labor day. We did however, move my couches from down/upstairs. Luckily the neighbor was outside and helped the manfriend so I only had to take the couch downstairs. Men are handy like that. But mostly we lounged around in the a/c at my crib. And watched movies. Awake and Meet the Spartans. I spent three whole nights with my manfriend. It's blissful for me. Sigh....

In completely unromantic news. . .our anniversary is coming up, in, three weeks. He mentioned in passing how it had almost been a year, and I squealed with excitement "ohhhhhhh Iknowcanyoubelieveit our anniversary?!! Wouldn't it be fun to go where we went for our first date, for our anniversary?"

To which the manfriend just replied all non-chalant.. "I've thought about going back to go back, but you know I'm not big into titles". Meaning.....an anniversary is a title. I can't be exctied for our anniversary. I can't get cute cards. Or gifts. The day will come and go without even being any different than the next. And that is going to totally hurt my feelings. Which in the grand scheme of things is no big deal because we have a trillion other good things to focus on.

Just being a man? I mean, we ARE boyfriend/girlfriend. Isn't that a title? He calls me his girlfriend. Should I just let it go and not say a word? Well?


Patti Cake said...

Could he be setting up a surprise for you? If not, I think I would say, "Well anniversaries are special to me, it's okay if you don't feel the same. Here's a card, or whatever..." Yeah, men don't always get sentimental like women folk do.

Slick said...

From a guy...don't get your hopes up.

I mean, I can barely remember my birthday much less mine and trisha's first date!!

Ms. Megan said...

I don't think it is too much to ask for a little something to celebrate the one year mark! I would bring it up on an upbeat note and see what he says.... but what do I know I have been single forever :-)

Barb said...

I was never into 90210.

Big Brother is not that interesting at the moment. All the good people were voted out dammit! It always gets boring at the end.

I've been with the hubby for 26 years. I'm lucky if he remembers anything! P.S. He forgot one birthday and many anny's. I would like some acknowledgement of our years together. Just something I'm cheap! LOL I agree w/ Patti tell him how you feel. *Fingers crossed* for a great surprise on your big day!

Erin said...

Um, where did my post go? I had a great post on BB and 90210 - DAMN IT!!

And by the way, I wrote the comment yesterday - not today... hmmm, the little freaking blogger ate it...

Oh wait, either that or you deleted it. Did you delete my comment??? *sob*