"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Green With Envy....

I am even wearing green today!

Tayray got flowers again. Let us not forget, how she just received TWO DOZEN roses at once last month, for 1 yr and 9 months.

Now that hooch ass got a dozen for 1 yr and 10 months.

Tayray you can rent out your boyfriend you know. WG had a pretty good idea about doing it on ebay. You can make money off sending notes and flowers and crap. Its ok as long as its not crossing the prostitution line.

If he is cheap enough, can I buy him? No funny stuff! Just the sweet things. Like, buying you flowers all the time. And sending you nice emails. That is the stuff girls really want. Well, lets refer to my other post today, obviously I want way more than that, but I'm talking about men here.

This wknd, will you take me bra shopping? As, I am CERTAIN your assets are helping! lol!
When you get old, you have to buy bras all the time cus they wear out. Enjoy it while it lasts! They have to work 48 hours for the 12 hrs you are working. My girls are tired.

Jealousy.....is an evil thing. Now I know how people felt when I got stuff all the time. It would've been nice if I truley appreciated it. LOL!

No one loves me like I love me, and if you cant make yourself happy your a dumbass! So happy Thursday me! You deserve it!!!! Reasons for me to celebrate:

1)Only 3 months until Im 30. I expect great things will happen to me on my bday. At least I can get some sex or something. Which would be great.
2)I gained a pound yesterday, so that is an extra reason to be happy and celebrate, I felt like giving to the pot for the first time....EVER!
3)It is almost Friday, which means a 3 day wknd. I don't have to work my second job Monday either. BONUS!
4)I finished the web work I had been doing for days!
5)You are so tired that you are sleeping while you type this. Always a reason to celebrate.
6)You were late to work even though you left earlier. How?

I am late to work. I'm perpetually late to everything. I was even like a month late being born. I'd ask my mom for verification, but she doesn't read anymore. I could call her a crotch rot and she'd never know. Not that I would mind you.

So being late is in my nature. So, I'm always 10 minutes late. Logic would say, leave 10 min earlier, and get to work on time, right?


Leave 10 min earlier, and arrive to work at the same time?


Don't ask me how, I just drive the car! I get up earlier, leave earlier, get here at the same time. I might as well sleep longer and be late leaving late.

I dunno I might have forgotten to mention, that today sucks??

Ok Ahnolde...you are on a good guy kick lately! I will even publicly give you props for taking down my trash Sunday!


Tayray said...

I cant help it that I am spoiled!!!
And no you cant buy Ahnolde, he is my Ahnolde. First time I have ever been spoiled by a guy, and I love it!!!!
And I leave for work at 7:27 and get here right at 7:45.

Ahnolde said...

Mon, you saw the paper, so you know what I am leading up to with all these roses. And it should have been 3 dozen roses that Tayray got today, if not I'm gonna complain. And I'm sorry, but my limited resources have to be spent on Tayray so I get some once in a while, don't want to get cut off from the s-e-x when I want it!! haha Although, I may have to check on this ebay thing...

Mon said...

Ah, love is so sickening! lol! I think I just might cry!
I see something that could work for me here. So you give up the s-e-x only when you get things. I think this is how rumors are started, who, me? I dunno what you mean! I heard Ahnolde say, that I should be getting gifts for the poo-tang! LOL! I'm using it!

Ahnolde said...

Sorry, WG, I think I just ruined a good thing for yoU!!! Although, that could mean that now you get your sleep, and don't have to worry about sexhound Mon bugging you all the time for it if you don't buy her something!! hahahaha

Mon said...

AHNOLDE!!! sexhound? thanks! lol! the truth hurts though!