"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Foursomes Are Best....

I'd like to welcome my friend Kat, to the world of having 4 cats. She soon will be acquiring a fourth bundle of furry sweetness!! Congrats! Four is a nice number!

The cats can gang up and have tag team wrestling, two on two....

Four also makes a nice pile of cats, when they all lie together. Four is an even number. Everyone has a cuddle partner, with four!

Four is not crazy. Forty might be. But not Four.

You can still feed, house, and medicate four cats easier than you can four kids.
People will still visit you when you have four cats...four kids....eeeeeeeeeehhhhh.... I think I might be allergic!

I think foursomes are best!

The funny for today is this.
Yesterday, I hid in the closet between the 2 bathroom doors in the woman's room at work, while Tayray peacefully peed. I kept laughing, I thought, she'd hear me. When she came out to leave...

I jumped out, raaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!

She jumped.

We laughed forever. Good times, good times!!!

I havn't felt the best the past couple of days. I had the craps. And nausea. It is some strain of the germ warfare spreading through schools right now. Started with a kid in WG's family....as flu-like and sore throat I believe. It's like an epidemic going around. By the time I got it, I was blessed with only the craps, and nausea. I guess I'll take that cus today I just have a rumbly in my tumbly! Pooping makes you tired. I don't know if you have ever noticed that? Or, maybe pooping just makes ME tired.

I didn't win the money for the weight loss challenge this month. *ahhhhhhhhhhhh* I know, I know, everyone feels bad for me, but you shouldn't. I really felt like letting someone else win. They all wanted to give up so I had to throw them a bone. (don't believe it, i lost cus i was lazy)

I'm back on track though. Next month, that money is mine bitches!! (I mean this in the nicest way possible....)

I'm leaving the country next week. Canada. Allllllll the way across the border eh! The great white North! While most don't consider it actually leaving the country, it really is. Anytime I can't readily use my cell phone w/o it costing me 2 bucks a minute, is leaving the country.

The fun things about my trip are:

1. It is a business trip, so I don't have to drive, or foot the bill
2. It is in Leamington, Ontario, and the perfect time for the monarch butterfly migration. (I'll take some pictures this year on my new camera!)
3. Our facility in Canada is near the Heinz Ketchup factory. Watching the tomatos, is more
fun than you might realize, til you've been there!

The downside? I am currency dumb. I hate having to pay for anything cus I feel like such a retard, and then filling out an expense report is even harder. Ummmm math?

I had an excellent evening. We stayed up all stinking night though. Talking. It's nice to talk to someone. I told WG that I am difficult. At first he said I wasnt. Then, he said he could see where people would think I'm difficult, but he doesn't think that I am. LOL. MMMM. OK. At least he put it nicely. And, I know that I am. I have issues with control. I have to have control over certain aspects of MY life. Which, considering the person I once was...is pretty damn good! I no longer control people, the way I use to. Or, struggle to I should say! So, one thing I can't change is the food that I have in my house. He already brings things in that I don't like having there, but I've been sorta ok with it. Hopefully itll all pan out, cus thats my health at risk, not just by having bad things, but triggering old habits. I already struggle every day, not having things in my house is my only safe haven!!!

I am trying to revel in my singleness while I can. I know, it'll all end one day. While it will be for something happy, it'll also be sad. I just want to be loved. I really thought I was done with it all.

Today's Question:

What is the hardest thing about love?

Giving up part of yourself to become part of a couple. To me, it is necessary, but difficult. I tried my whole life to gain independance. Giving it up scares me.


Ahnolde said...

I'M BACK!!! haha Dallas was awesome, and I know everyone missed me!! haha

The hardest part about love is knowing. I've felt love in the past that wasn't real love, and I've felt love since then that was. The difficult part of love is knowing it's love.

Mon said...

Ahnolde, i so missed your witty comments. and, your studly picture ha ha ha! I can relate to your comment. Knowing when to trust your feelings. But I think just cus you find someone that you may love more, or differently, doesnt discount the past loves you have had. Because love is constantly changing, like we change. You learn and grow each time, so it evolves. I dont personally think that means you didnt love someone in the past....you just loved them 'at that point' in your life, when that was what love was to you. And you learn with each new one. But, I can totally relate!!!