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Monday, September 26, 2005

How I Like Fall TV So Far...

Since I know everyone values my expert opinion on TV, I will give my 2 cents on some new shows I have been able to watch so far. I take no responsibility for ruining anyones TV watching experience. (sis!) Read at your own risk!
Here's what I'm watchin!! (I really watch far more TV than is listed here)

Big Brother 6.
Ok, so after Janelle got kicked off, who really cared if Ivette or Maggie won? Not me. Maggie won, so, what?

Desperate Housewives.
I cannot love a show more, than this one. It has everything. Drama, humor, mystery! What is up with the new family chaining someone in the basement? I laughed my ass off when Bree took off Rex's tie in the coffin. That was some classic TV watching right there! Kinda sucks that the mystery of Mike being Zach's dad is revealed (but, I DID in fact predict this....lets remember my psychic abilities!) Now, there is a bigger mystery.

NEW Oprah!
While the new ones havn't been to thrilling, I'm glad to have her back. I love me some Oprah, she's a real smart lady!

So, I still think their in hell. Something weird is going on! I don't think that they merely happened upon a quarantine chamber. It's the devil. That kid Walter coming back, scared me. I don't scare easily. Is he dead? Who took him? Where are the others? Why on earth did those people go into the hatch, without letting people know they were going into the hatch? Will they be gone all season? Is the polar bear on the island genetically engineered?

I missed this first episode. I only knew this was based on Chris Rock's life, because he was on Oprah. Chris Rock, is freaking hilarious, and I will be checking out his new show this week. Got it Tivo'd already!

Tivo'd this. Not too thrilled about it. I'll give it another episode to get better.

The Biggest Loser.
So far, more drama than last season. While, I personally think it is unfair to pit the men against the women. Men have everything easy. Life, aging, weight loss. Of COURSE they will lose more weight. More importantly, women have more fat genetically and they measure 'fat loss percentage' whatever! SEXIST! I'm still watching it!

Grey's Anatomy.
Love this showwww. I have my sunday nights back. I am kinda mad more didn't happen with Meredith and Derek, and the wife. Men who don't divorce their wives suck. And I can say that with confidence!! I think Christina will have that dumb baby, even though she made an appt for an abortion. I really like the characters on this show a lot.

Extreme Home Makeover.
Hello Ty Pennington. Where have you been all summer???? Nuff said. Sure, it's touching, and fun to watch how they transform these homes and lives of people, but we all know we watch this to drool over Ty!!!

Survivor Guatamala.
So far, so good. Their starving, the men are dropping like flies. My kinda TV!

I was kinda upset the first episode cus she wasnt getting any psychic readings to go on, but it got better as time went on.

Happy TV Watching!


hot for jr. said...

Thanks for the warning about ruining my tv watching experience! If I've taught you anything about TV, let it be that you MUST put a spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the show yet!!
I didn't read about the shows I've taped and haven't watched. I have to disagree with you on Threshold. I watched the 2 hour premiere, and the 2nd episode this past Friday and I think it's pretty good. What about 'Supernatural' on the WB? Have you watched that? I broke down and am watching that new show this year. I didn't watch any new shows on that network last season because the BOZO'S cancelled 'Angel'. One the best shows on TV in my opinion.

Mon said...

I watched bones, and that was ok. I like lies and deceit i think in my tv! im giving threshold another episode.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Reunion! I really like this show. Keeps you guessing and the music is from the last 80's so it is great.


Anonymous said...

Late 80's

I need to read what I write before I post.

hot for jr. said...

Even if 'Bones' wasn't any good, I'd watch it to see David Boreanz. Did you see him without his shirt on the last episode? WOW!! He looks better now then he ever did on 'Angel' or 'Buffy'.

Mon said...

I did watch reunion...i like the music. Hey, I will do another tv preview, when more shows are on! lol!