"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Smells Like Fall!.....

It's Fall!

I woke up to a frosty cold car, fogged up windows. I didn't park her in the garage. I have on a sweater. NO SHOES AND SOCKS THOUGH! I still refuse. I am wearing sandals. I think it'll still be hot soon. That's Ohio weather for ya. Take out the a/c, then its 90 for a month. Even if it's February!

I decorated for Halloweenie last wknd.! I love the holidays. It doesn't matter what one it is. I love Halloween most, because of the fall. I love going to the pumpkin patch, and trudging through the muck and mud to pick pumpkins. I love petting the animals at the petting zoo! I love putting out corn stalks, and hay, and indian corn! I love looking at all my cute black cat things I have gotten each year!

I love that TV changes! All the spooky haunted shows they put on the travel channel, and Sci Fi!!! The scarey movies on TBS, and HBO! The Great Pumpkin will be on!!!! The scarey movies come out in the theaters! (This year, like last, I can't wait to see SAW!!!! coming in Oct....)

Most of all, I love the way fall smells. I love when the leaves change, before they fall off, and they are just beautiful. Every color you can imagine. And the air smells like fall. Sorta like you can just smell the ocean before you get there. Its comforting. I love crunching the leaves when they fall off. I love the way my dog looks, running through leaf piles, getting them stuck to her lil' doggie head, tongue hanging out, trucking along.

Haunted houses? I dunno. I havn't gone in like 4 yrs. My ex was scared of them. Now, I would be scared, about the anticipation of getting the shit scared out of me. He claimed to be 'too tall' for them. But, we all knew he was just a pussy fuck, and that's ok. I might test the waters this year, and see if I'm still afraid. What scares me about them, is I watch too much TV. Read too many freaky books. I'm not really afraid of the kids dressed up like monsters. I'm afraid the kids dressed up ARE monsters!!

Funhouse. Dean Koontz. Excellent book. Ok movie. Ruined haunted houses for me. Once me and Bubba drove like an hour to this hayride in the middle of friggin nowhere. They take you out into the woods, and dump you off to fend for yourself. Now, you tell me what is to keep some psychopath from dressing up like Jason or Freddy, and hacking us all to bits, and thinking it would be funny? You have to find your way back in the deep dark woods! As usual, I was alone so I had to grab hold of Bubba and make her swear not to leave me! Her boyfriend was there to protect her. (much as he could he might've been a pussy fuck too but I dunno.....)

Clownhouse. Good movie. Psychopaths dress up like clowns and terrorize a boy afraid of clowns. You think their clowns, but their psychopaths!!!! It's that safety line thats crossed. It's a rush! I love it!

Know what I don't have to do this fall???? RAKE LEAVES!!! Have fun w/that TWDSO. You have to actually do some work! ASS! Yet another perk of apt. living. So far, I quite like not paying a water bill, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, and anything else that needs to be done. I don't miss it!

Things w/WG are just perfect. He is already doing the paperwork he needs to get done. I am so use to not getting what I want, I really expected something to go wrong, and I would just die. I finally found someone I love spending all my time with, and I don't want anything to happen to it. Funny, WG called me right when I typed that. We had a nice date last night after job 2. He had to work til 11, but I got off about 9. =)
When he came to my house, I actually stopped watching TV. And we talked. How funny is that? Me. I paused the TV and I didn't freak out. I am so in love, I make myself sick!

Today's Question:

Who is the person you most wanted to have an affair with and didn't?

Ok this is easy. I thank Katie for reminding me of this not to long ago, cus I am old, and forget some things. Mike R! My old general mgr. from the bell. I had the hots for him big time. I think I was 16/17 when he trained at our store. I went to work for him when I was 18. I don't think he wore underwear either. I think everyone knew I had the hots for him. People loved to embaress me. He was/is happily married. But, I'm allowed to have whatever thoughts I feel like! So there!


Tayray said...

I would have to say probally a teacher in high school. Of course I flunked that class because I was too busy wonder thoughts about this man, but hey a girl can dream cant she??
I'm looking forward to haunted houses this year, even though I wont have a man to hold my hand, it will be ok, just dont take me to any clown houses, please.

Mon said...

Hey you can come with us all. Ill be your man Tayray! lol! Well, maybe not in ALL aspects of the phrase.....

hot for jr. said...

The 1 person I had the opportunity to have an affair with and didn't was Matt from high school. I was in love with him all through high school and still carried a torch after graduation. One night about 6 months after graduation, me, him, my best friend and his best friend went out to a night club. The guys had this great idea to go to the Hot Tub place afterwards. I thought it would be fun, but I didn't realize the guys got 2 seperate rooms. Talk about the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY. Alone with someone you've had the hots for all through the 4 years of school, naked, hot steamy water.....I was dating someone though and couldn't bring myself to "do the deed". Matt was a perfect gentleman and didn't push the issue, but it was soooo tempting. I confessed to my boyfriend about that night and almost lost him. After a couple rough days, we got past it, but to this day I wonder, what if?.....

Celina said...

"Haunted Houses" rock!! I hadn't been in Years, then last year my bestfriend came to visit & we went to 3. 1st was kinda crappy, but an okay "warm-up", 2nd was outside--we were tripping over tree roots & being poked with stray branches, the 3rd was AWESOME!! We rode on a horse trailer for like 10 minutes to this HUGE barn...I think it was put on by vet students...there were 5 of us in the group (all my friends) and it took us almost 2 hours to walk/crawl/squeeze through the whole thing!!
I have had a LOT of "what if" thoughts about ex-boyfriends...I tell my husband about MOST of them...