"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, September 23, 2005

Long Awaited...

So I'm back from Canada 'A'?
I really missed blogging right?

Im whooped! I single handedly lifted about 10 60lb boxes and moved them about 500 feet. Which is a lot when you merely lift 10lb weights! Hard work those shows are! No one helped me. My arms were Jell-o!

We got to see Mexicantown in Detroit. Nice area. Scared the crap out of us. People bad mouth Cleveland, ummmmmmmmm go to Detroit! Thanks!

I tried new things in Canada! ME! I know, I'm such the adventurer these days! First love, now....salmon! I had a bite. We went to a really nice place and it was good everyone said its normally not that good, so I wont be trying it again either. (I fear most meats) I also had eggplant! It was so good! I missed WG terribly! It wasn't just that I couldn't see him, but my stupid SPRINT phone didn't have service. Not even in roam. But...some Sprint customers did. I think TWDSO screwed with it. Cus, hes a dick! I still talked to my sweetie though, it was short. I couldn't wait to kiss him!!

I got 2 cards in my suitcase while I was away. They were so sweet! One for each night I was gone. When I got home, WG set up a treasure hunt for me. He wrote these poems and they were all different to figure out where to go next. He put a lot of thought into them. It started at the door, went to the toilet, the toaster oven, the dryer, bug zapper, and ended in the freezer. Theeeeeeeeeen he came over and suprised me!!! I looked like crapola. Tayray was over and didn't tell me he was coming. I said when did he do all this? She said I'm not allowed to say!
Oh well, it felt sooooooooo good to be home with him!!

I know I like to be with him all the time, but I dunno about how he feels about living with me. I keep telling him I am not living with someone until I'm engaged. I don't think he likes that anymore. I don't love it, but it's necessary. I'm holding out. There is nothing wrong with wanting that for myself. I'm 29. Just as sure as I am that I will never put up with being cheated on, or abused, (again) I can be sure to hold out on other things I want too. I can see his point, and I hope that he see's mine. I never intended it to mean he has to pop the question so fast, I wouldn't argue, but obviously he isn't ready to do that for bringing it up right? Make sense? Everything remains perfect for me. Just a minor snag. I know what I want, and I didnt mean for it to be a push for him, cus I did that....lasted 2 years, and we got divorced! I'm not pushing anything.

Tayray actually said she envied us yesterday. No one has ever said that about me before. I never had a relationship that I even really liked.......let alone anyone else. Feels good! It's also nice to tell people about us, and hear the jealousy in their voices. Is that rude? Oh, I dunno. I think the people who act that way, suck, but I know how they feel. I was the same way. One day love will bite them in the asses!

Taking my dog to the vet finally today. Her ear is the stinkiest thing in the world, and shes sick. She'll feel better. Probably have to work this wknd, cus when you leave to do work for the company no one still does your work for the company and then you have to give up your free time to the company. Then you start to hate the company. Because, its all about the company, wtf happened to me? Its me! Its ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

I'm swamped. I will try to write more later. Fire tonight, if the weather holds out! I got a bottle of vanilla absolute at the Duty Free. 13 bucks. Loves it! I got Tayray a shot glass for watchin the pets, and WG moose droppings, CANADIAN moose droppings, and chocolate. I told him I got 'us' a shot glass but he didn't see the cuteness in that. I think he was mad I didnt get him his own shot glass? Who knows, men are complicated, and they talk about us right? (that's so Canadian of me...right?)

Ok, so I initially forgot to add the question! I'm on Canadian time.....(yes, I know its the same but it sounded like a good excuse!)

Today's Question:

What is the worst way to abuse your body?

You are what you eat. I did a lot to abuse my body, and ruined myself in a lot of ways in the past.


Ahnolde said...

SO what, now you're canadanized, 'a? haha Too funny. Sounds like you had fun, can't wait for the bonfire tonight!! And tell WG to cut it out, he's making me look bad now!! haha

Mon said...

Yea, I'm Canadian now, right? I cant wait to get my drinkonnn!
I cant tell WG to cut it out, cus then I'll suffer Ahnolde! Sheesh! ha ha!

Celina said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had fun, eh? That's hilarious! I went to B.C., Canada a few years ago & couldn't belive that people actually say that! (I'm sure people say the same about things we say in the south). Have you seen the cartoon movie, "Brother Bear"? There are moose in it that have the funniest Canadian accents!!