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Monday, September 19, 2005

Escape Artist....(a bunny post)

I have my own version of Prison Break going on.

It's called 'Bunny Break' though.

Friday I got home and saw something run across my steps..wtf is that I thought.


I clip their doors closed to their condos with Binder Clips. I've had Boo's one year in a week. He has never escaped before, yet, he was out happily hopping all over, as was Mystic! Free reign of my entire apt, up and downstairs!

This is bad, because they could have gotten into anything while I was gone, been electricuted! Eaten by cats (my cats wouldnt eat them, but you never know).
So Saturday, I hear Mystic in there rattling the cage door in the morning. Which, means, feed me. I ignored her for a while, cus it was saturday and I was asleep! When I got up, both my bunnies were out again!! Luckily this time the cats didn't knock over the baby gate to their room, so they were safe.

However, my bunnies are not bonded yet. They still get tempermental with each other from time to time. And, bunny people know, they shouldn't be unsupervised until they are bonded. Yet, there they are, doing Lord knows what while I slept. There were tufts of Boo's fur on the ground. No injuries, I checked. Fur in Mystics mouth. She was obviously the culprit.

I fed the bunnies, put them back in their cages until it was play time. On wknds, I check in on them from time to time, and let one or the other out. I caught Mystic, letting Boo's out of his cage!!!!

So, the little shit, gets herself out of her cage, and hops her little butt to Boo's house, and lets him out to play too, she was pulling on his cage door, until the clip let loose. FREEDOM!!

So, I decided to stay with them and see how they did in their room together, since obviously they know better than me when they are ready to play. It made me really nervous that they went into each others cages, but I had my spray bottle. Boo's thumped at Mystic for coming in his cage, but she kissed him and all was good.

My bunnies are still not fully bonded, but have learned to play nice together in their room, which is a huge step in bunny land. I have let them out 2 more times together in their room, and they didn't fight. No fur flying, or anything. I even let them out and left the room. Progress.

I got some more clips for the cage today, so there will be no more escaping! Mystic, is definately a trouble maker! She also growls at my cats when they eat their own food, and she thumps at them to leave their bowls so she can have some. I caught her once doing it, and took the food away, but she still thumps at them, and thinks it is 'her' food.

Mystic is otherwise, a model bunny. The kind everyone wants. Cuddly, likes to be held, kissed, petted. She will stretch her back legs out and sprawl like a cat when you get to petting her good. She also loves to give kissies. She will jump up on the couch if she wants some love. She shares her condo with the cats when they feel like stopping in at play time too.

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This Cage Is No Match For Me!!!

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Come Let Me Out Mystic!!


Ahnolde said...

OK, now that is classic!! I had a bunny once, when I was VERY young, and it got away when I went on vacation, I never did find it!!

Mon said...

Ahnolde, since you were young we'll let it slide. But bunnies should be in the house. Ok, I said my peice! lol! I had one when I was young too, that escaped from her pen.