"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Update....

So, I know the suspense is killing you, what did I do last night? Parked! lol! I had a blast!
WG had to work at night so we didn't spend the night together. He called me and asked me to stop by his work on my way home from work, and of course I did! We left in his car...to an un-named location! I havn't been in the car like that since who knows when. I know it was w/my ex husband, so it has to have been high school! And then, I never did what we did in the car. Some things are better left unsaid!

He said the guys at work all knew what he did. lol. Screw it! Their just jealous. I know I'd have been jealous if it werent me. Well, I'd actually be in jail for killing some bitch, but you know what I meant!

Of course, it did suck balls not seeing him last night. And waking up w/o him. But, I didnt however, have the uncontrollable urge to call off work, and hide under the blankies with my sweet pea either! Which, I think about a lot!!!! I wish I wasn't so afraid to let him move in with me. I want him with me always!! ME? ME! But, I promised to never break promises to myself. So, I won't! If I can't trust me, who the hell can I trust?

I love being alone. I love being alone.

I thought I did!

Anyone watching Prison Break on Fox? First things first, the 2 brothers on that show are freaking HOT. And by hot I mean, simply smoking! Check them out! Dominic Purcell plays Lincoln. He's been in other stuff, but in Prison Break, he is bald, buff, and freaking manly mkay? Imagine running into HIM in the outback! Sign me up!
And Wenworth Miller plays Michael. Look them up online for hot photos man, this show better last or they'll have crazy lady on their hands. I'm sure I am not the only gal who thinks this, at least ones who are not BLIND! I'm sure Ent. Weekly will do stories on them soon. They might make it into super stardom alongside Orlando Bloom!

The show is awesome too, it has me hooked. And, while I love the TV not all shows rock to me, just the good ones!

My update on Labor Day wknd? I watched too much TV! I partied hard on Friday night at the Bier Haus of course. WG left me early so I didn't get lucky. I think this set my tail spin of sex on the brain for the wknd. Can. Not. Skip. Days. Especially. When. Drunk. Bad. For. Mon.
Beth and her husband came, and So did Bubba and her man. I know, I know, amazing, the whole gang was out! Ahnolde toasted to spider monkies. It was a classic move, because Beth's husband quickly said 'these guys dont know about spider monkies, I'll tell you later' I believe he never told Ahnolde the truth about it either. (did he?) Dammit.

Saturday we party hardied with Dusty and Rich. We played uechre and didn't fight. I'm still waiting on that to happen. Cus, were too much alike. I almost had to take advantage of him in his sleep cus he threatened me to go to bed without giving up the goods man, WTF?? I think that I might have to make up some rules for this shit, like, maybe, before going out??? I dunno! LOL! Some things just can't be overlooked! I am this way normally, don't give me alchohol, and not expect it to sky rocket to being much worse! (although I don't see it as a bad thing!)

I watched 15+ hours of Paradise Hotel. Fox reality replayed them in a marathon. Oh, I had forgotten how much I loved that show. WG didn't like it. Then, wanted to watch more and more episodes of said show he didn't like. It's ok to admit your girlfriend has good taste in TV. And men. Those are 2 things never to be ashamed of!

And WG said he has something planned for me for my bday that will make me forget about turning 30. Well I dunno what could do that, unless he is whisking me off to Australia. But even there, I would see people younger than me and be depressed. Plus then, he said it'll be BETTER than Australia! He has some big living up to do...better than Australia?! Hmf!! I can only think of one thing but I am not jinxing myself so I put it out my mind!!
I'm getting a cabin in the woods. And hibernating. I am taking time off work, and crying, and hiding, and crying. And, drinking, but that's a given!!!!!

Today's Question:

What is the weakest excuse you have ever used?

I don't FEEL good!
When, I'm normally very healthy. I don't get sick that often.


Ahnolde said...

No Mon, he never told me!! haha And I LOVED Paradise Hotel!! I wanted to be on it so bad!! That was the best reality show ever!!
The best excuse I've ever used for what?? The best excuse I've ever HEARD to get sex is that my buddy was dying of cancer, and a virgin. The best excuse I've ever used is that I can't remember things because I was in a four wheeler accident when I was 17, and it cracked my head open (which is true by the way!!)

Tayray said...

When is Eden's Crush coming to that reality show network???
I dont really use excuses for anything, I like to tell it how it is, but the most common is when it comes to work and keying orders, ohhh no one told me that, I didnt know!!

Mon said...

Edens crush is coming? its on my list of most embaressing CD's!
cracked in the head? i might use that ahnolde!

Tayray said...

Tayray's tidbits, I meant FOREVER EDEN!!

Anonymous said...

The weakest but most useful excuse is "I have the shits." The shits will get you out anything.


Mon said...

that is classic. Im going to use it more often! womans stuff works too if its a man, cus they just dont know!