"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


When did I become this girl?

"If you could let me know either way, so I can explore other avenues"
"Maybe she used that in leu of asking for a phone number?"
"I've exhausted all the resources on my end"

Somewhere along the line, I went and grew up. When I said these things at work, I thought, did I just say that? And..why? I didn't even think about it.

I remember I couldn't even drive a friggin' car. I got yelled at for not being able to check traffic, and stay in the same lane without swerving. I couldn't 'multitask'.

Stupid Driving Instructor: "You'll never get your liscence!"

Now, my life is one giant multitask.
I think every one of my friends, has done the same thing. Working 2 jobs at some point. The moral to this story is, women clearly are the better sex, and why the FUCK isn't a woman in the presidency?????

I'd love someone else to make all my decisions!! Tell me what to say! Not get fired for screwing things up pretty bad. People can be killed and I wont go to jail! And..they'd pay me a shitload of money for doing nothing but golf. Only, I wouldn't golf, I'd turn TV into a sport. I'd watch it on the front lawn. Bite me!

It's certainly better than being the girl I use to be. I read my life in 2000 last night. Good Read. Every day for 3 months (this is as far as i got so far) I cried over a man. I let them hurt me. Daily. I wanted to be loved so badly! I use to be the sweetest girl, and that was when I swore off being hurt. I was so stupid. I am thankful for a record of the person I use to be. It makes me proud to be who I am, that much more. I still have a lil sweetness in me, I just never had anyone to bring it out.

Brace yourselves.

I made WG his lunch last night. I don't do that crap. But, I honestly love him so much I want to do things for him. You know that stupid song by Destiny's Child? About taking care of a man? I laughed at it til yesterday. I thought, hmmm I guess when you really love someone it makes you happy to make them happy. What a concept!!! This is all new to me! I kept it to myself so long that if WG hurts me, send out a team to take him out. You dont have to kill him. Just lock him up and dont give him TV or video games, or anything to read. That'll learn him!

I also first made the prediction then, that if I ever DID find 'the one' that he would die. I keep telling WG not to tempt fate! We worked together last night for the second time. ahhhhhh. It's so cute! Actually it is like torture cus you have to be on work behavior. When really, I'd like to take advantage of him....

Today's Question:

What is the best thing about your life?

The best thing about my life, is while I am getting to be "older" it really doesnt bother me as much as I thought it would. (wrinkles, gray hair, and sagging still bother me, and I reserve the right to bitch about this forever!!!!!) I have been through all the drama in my 20's and now I hope to leave that all in the past and move forward into a new decade of my life, as the self that I love!


Tayray said...

The best thing about my life right now is that I'm going to be starting a new job at work. PAY RAISE! HA HA

Celina said...

Congrats on your "revelation" with WG! I realized that R was "the one" when he irritated the crap out of me, and I still wanted to be with him! Best thing? Being happier with who I am. I don't need "friends" to tell me who/what I am. I decide the whens & whats & wheres for MY LIFE! I LOVE being an "adult" (& still acting like a kid, sometimes)!

Mon said...

Celina: I agree, being happy with yourself makes all the difference! I think your on to something, with being irritated and wanting to still be with him! lol!