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Thursday, September 29, 2005


So...I am officially addicted to Lost. I can't help it, the show freaking rocks. If you are not up to date on the show don't read this post til the ******.

My friend Kat is equally as addicted which is nice to have someone to share theories with. I perused the message boards, and found some interesting links to clues.

This is a link to the mural in Desmond's hatch. You can blow it up. Some think the sun and waves mean a tidal wave. (which would explain how that ship got up into the trees where they found the dynamite) The number 108 in the sun, is the sum of all the 'numbers'.
(I dunno bout aisian names, but the wifes name is Sun, and the husbands is Jun, maybe that has to do with the mural???) If you think about everything, it will drive you nuts!

This is my favorite find on the boards. It is what Walt said to Shannon, when he reappeared dripping wet in the woods. It is played as it was aired, then played in reverse. He says "dont push the button, the button is bad" or, "push the button, the button is bad".
Remember at the end of last weeks episode, Jack was going to execute something on the computer and Locke appeared and said not to touch it. (the button is bad???)

Firstly, I don't at all think that is Walt dripping wet. I think it is Vincent, his dog. Call me crazy, but nothing makes sense on tht island! No one else has said that on the boards, so I could be stupid. But I think he left the dog on the island so he could speak through the dog.
Kat reminded me how Walt's stepdad was creeped out by him because he could 'do things' I completely forgot. I will be renting season 1 to watch them all again. People keep saying the comic has signifigance that Walt had. They think it has to do with the Green Lantern.
I think it has to do with him having the ability to do strange things. There was a polar bear on the comic last season. Then, one appeared on the island.

If you are a fellow Lost addict, you should definately check out this website. Lost FAQ's.
The most interesting topic, is the numbers. How often they are referenced throughout the show individually, and not together.

I'm still not for sure what is going on. I thought they were all in hell. But now, with Jack having met Desmond before the island, I think there is some government testing going on. Desmond was super fast when he was running. And he is injecting himself with 'something'.
Did anyone else notice people seem to be 'cured' once on the island? So far, Locke got his legs back in working order. And on last nights show, Walter's dad was on disability, and walking with a cane, and now he is fine on the island. I was so pissed off it ended with 'the others' coming out of the woods. ARGH! Another week to wait! This show has got the best writing, everything is a clue. I love it!

Well the cold weather has officially moved into town. It's gonna be 59 today! It spent all night blowing around! My dog was scared of the wind and snuggled with me. I was toasty warm with my cuddly doggy and my boyfriend. I woke up to one of my screens being half out of the window. I really hope no cats got out! The wind was pretty bad! Brrrrrrrr.......

We are going camping this wknd. This is camping weather. 40 degree nights. MMMMM! I'm only going 1 night, cus me and WG have to work Fri. night, and I don't have a doggie sitter. My brother is suppose to go with us too. It'll be a fun time.

I brought some rings to work to be sized. A girl at works husband does it. My friend Beth had her new ring overlayed with white gold. You can't even tell, it looks so nice! Now I will have jewelry again. How nice for me.

I got free internet on my celly for a month. You know, they sell you crap. I called about adding WG to my phone account, because he went way over his minutes. We're in love, leave us alone. But, they told me I can have that free for a month.

Today's Question:

What is the Biggest Suprise you have ever had in bed?

Hmmm. like most girls, that'd be the time it 'accidentally' went in the wrong hole! HELLO! I say accidentally cus that was the excuse I was given, like it is even something that can accidentally be done!!! MEN!


Tayray said...

I would have to say that, that would also be my biggest surprise!

Ahnolde said...

Oh please Tayray, it's not a surprise if your drunk and tell me I can!! hahaha

Mon said...

euwwww TMI TMI!!! LOL!

Celina said...

I can't belive I'm going to put this...my Biggest Surprise was the first time I actually "came." Ok, when you quit laughing I'll continue. All I remember was my whole body shaking (like a mini-seizure) and I couldn't stop crying and giggling--my boyfriend (now husband) kept asking "Are You OK?" "Are You Sure You're OK?" It took me almost 30 minutes to finally calm down and remember how to walk! It was the Weirdest & most Amazing Thing!
Okay, now I'm completely embarassed...

Mon said...

Ah, nothing to be embaressed about! lol! I would agree that it is suprising the first time it happens! ha ha ha!