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Friday, September 23, 2005

So, I'm Codependant....

I am a recovering codependant. However, I think that I might still have issues. This is an oldie but goodie.

You Might Be Cat Codependant If........

...Your desire to acquire another cat intensifies during times of stress.
Check....But if I made More money, I'd have more cats.

...You hesitate admit to non-cat owners how many cats you really have.
Check...They just don't get it.

...You sleep in the same position all night because you know it annoys kitty when you move.
Check...But nowadays, they don't move when I move, they fall wherever and sleep.

...You kiss your cat in the lips.
Check. They don't technically have lips, but I kiss 'em on the mouth! Sure I do!

...You feed your cats tid-bits from your fork.
Check. They love anything with milk. Ice cream, sour cream, cheese.

...Your cat sleeps on your head and you like it.
Check. And the problem is???...

...You have bought or considered buying a entertainment video for your cats.
Check. I own the Catsitter DVD. They love it!!!!

...You give your cats stockings or gifts at Christmas..or worse...birthdays.
Check. Um, do you buy YOUR kids gifts at xmas? wtf?????

...You include your cats "signatures" on Christmas cards.
Check. I sign their names in my own writing, I dont act like they wrote it. But they send their good tidings. So what? Everyone with kids does it. Babies cant write or speak either! shut it!

...You put off making the bed until kitty wakes up.
Check. Sorta. I don't disturb them, but I dont make my bed. I get up gently if one is sleeping with me.

...Your cat eats out of crystal stemware because you both saw the same commercial together.
Umm. Ok, so I don't own any crystal...

...You climb out of bed extra slow so that you don't disturb the sleeping cats.
Check, covered above.

...You find yourself performing life threatening acrobatics because kitty is in a tree.
Check. my cats never go out. My first cat did. She got stuck in a tree. We couldn't get her and the fire dept. across the street wouldn't rescue my cat on a leash who could've hung herself. I cried forever. Mom took pictures.

...Let dinner burn because kitty is on your lap and he needs love more than your family needs dinner.
Check. I don't have a family but my cats to cook for mostly, so its all good!

....You carry pictures of you cats in your wallet. (40% do)
Check. And their laminated! With their statistics on the back, name, age, relation.

...You buy more than 50 pounds of litter each month.
Check. 60lbs!

...When someone new comes to the house, you introduce the cats, by name, to them.
Check. Otherwise the cats would get mad at me!

...You have full conversations with kitty and think it's normal. ...Each of your cats gets spoken to in their own individual "special" voice.
Check. Um, it IS normal. I speak to my cats. I tell them everything! Their good listeners.

...You have called your answering machine and left a message for your cat.
Check. I called to talk to them, not leave a msg. And, I havnt done this for years.

...You would rather spend an evening with kitty than go on a date.
Check. I love being at home with the cats. (but dates are nice too...I just dont get out much!)

...You secretly believe your cat understands you.
Check. Only, it isn't a secret. They DO understand me! Duh!

...You have taken your cat to a pet therapist.
No. I havn't. But, if they needed it, I would.

...You have more photos of your cat displayed in your home than humans.
Check. This use to be true until I moved. So maybe its a check minus on this one. (at work I do have more cats than humans)

....You think it's cute when your cat swings on the drapes or licks the butter.
Check. My cats, do no wrong. People pick their kids noses, and give them enemas, and this is gross? I think not!

...You watch bad TV because the cat is sleeping on the remote.
Check. I've done this before. Now the cats dont move even when I move them. They don't mind my getting things from under them.

...You sleep with no pillow under your head, because the cat wants to sleep on it.
Well, I sleep with enough pillows for all of us.

...The grocery-store checker ask you "How many cats do you have, anyway??"
Check. They actually ask me this at pet smart. When I buy my large items!

...Your neighbors refer to you as "the crazy one with all the cats."
I dunno, Tayray probably calls me that. lol

...You have a web page dedicated to your cats.(Wanna see mine?)(Wanna see my brother's?)
Check. Ok, so I did have one until I exceeded my storage limit for photos, and had to take it down. But everyone knows, I had an extensive site with all my cats likes/dislikes etc...

My cats are the cutest ever. They are bonding with Mystic, my bunny. Fizzgig gave Mystic kissies Monday night. Mystic gave Fizzgig kissies too. How adorable is THAT?????
Theres nothin wrong with loving your damn cats! People they ARE my children!


hot for jr. said...

I'm not quite as cat co-dependent as you, but I have to admit that I am. I can totally relate!!

Ahnolde said...

Mon, want another one?? I will give you Bullwinkle!! PLEASE!!! That cat is driving me crazy!!! I don't know why I ever wanted a cat!! Hell, I think I'm allergic to them!!! PLEASE TAKE MY CAT MON!!!

Ahnolde said...

Oh, and I'm the one that calls you crazy cat lady, not TayRay

Celina said...

OMG!! I have to share this checklist--I know quite a few people who'd say "Yes" to more than half of these (myself included). I LOVE my babies!! If I had more space & money, I'd be swimming in cats!!

Mon said...

Ahnolde: gee thanks, call me crazy then pawn another cat on me? ummm. NO!
Celina: Always excellent to meet another cat lover! I have 4 myself. I did have 6. The most I ever had was 14, only cus i had 6 and 2 litters of kittens. But I found them all homes.