"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Too Smart For My Own Good....

I am just too smart. You have got to wake up pretty early in the morning, to pull the wool over my eyes!

WG said he has a suprise for my bday. Something he said will make me not think about turning 30. Something he said, that if I was asked if I'd rather have that, or a trip to Australia, I'd pick my gift from him. I want to state for anyone to see, that I think I guessed what it is, because, lets remember, I am a bit psychic. I want proof that I guessed it, if it comes true. This is after running through a bazillion scenerios as it is!

My own mother knows, and will not spill the beans. I never asked her to, but I made some guesses and she told me, if she told me that would defeat the purpose of a suprise. What do moms know anyways? Really?

What could it be? What do I love? What would make me not think about being 30, and it's better than a trip to Australia? There can only be one thing. One thing that I love in life....that I do not have, and would knock my socks off. Well, theres Edwin McCain!!!!

So, believe it or not, WG sparked my thought process. He told me Gwen Stefani is coming to concert (barf). Concert????? So, that made me think....I havn't checked my Edwin's concert schedule in a while, and he normally comes up here around Dec-March. So I go to Edwin.com, and they only have up until 12/8 scheduled.

So I started to send WG an email saying, omg I bet he comes here for my bday, cus he is in NC so he's close! OMG Edwin, will sing to me. ON MY BDAY!!! I am always so jealous when he does that! (sings happy bday to folks in the crowd) Theeeeeeen I jokingly was going to say is that my present?

Brilliant! WG is going to have a cow that I am so smart! Here are some guidelines with having Edwin sing to me:

Video tape it. Let's not forget, when I met Edwin, that I was a blubbering idiot, and ran around screaming after he touched me. I don't want a repeat of this.

We are cool, cus, you know, we DID meet. So, if you want him to come, simply ring him up, say I was the girl who's ass he was checking out, 2 summers ago, and I have the picture to prove it. (he really wasn't but it's good to have dreams)

Tell Edwin, that I'm not a stalker. While I might be a 'fanatic' I am not psycho. I know he means me, when he refers to his wife, so I don't have to make up scenerios in my head for petes sake, its our code word.

Songs I'd like to hear from Edwin to me? Well, there are far too many to pick from. I love them all. Prayer to St. Peter is a favorite, because its touching. I'd like him to sing me 'my mystery' cus its sexual. lol lol. But, really it wouldn't matter what he sang, because I would be sucked in by his tractor beams!!!!

Good one WG!! I give you props for this ingenius idea!!

*(if this is not my present, don't squash my dreams...I'm allowed to have dreams)

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Tayray said...

I am cracking up right now!!!!
WG may try to let you forget your turning 30, but your good ol' pal Tayray sure wont let you forget!!!
And that goes for Ahnolde and Bethie too, I wont let them forget either!!!

Mon said...

tayray, when I commit suicide cus you made me feel horrible, I will forever haunt you. Wait til next time mat leaves mkay?