"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, September 12, 2005

Back So Soon?...

My wknd. seems like I didn't have a wknd! Time sure flies!
I had a nice dream last night. About work. I turned in all the text for the catalog I'm working on, with the corrections in tact, no changes made all the stuff was unfinished. So, 16,000 catalogs were printed, with edits in all the copy. I didn't want to leave the house. This whole thing is too rushed to get done, and I don't particularly enjoy dreaming about work. I couldn't stop crying in my dream, I felt like the biggest asshole!!! There was 2 things wrong with the last catalog I did, both weren't major, just like something wasn't bold that should've been. I also had about 3 months to work on that catalog, and this is going to be ALMOST a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea, I know!

Friday I ended up going home and seeing WG. Which isn't a bad thing. But, I really do miss going out with the girls. Thing is, my main girl can't go out cus of work! But I still miss it! Much as I love the man....it's just not the same!
I'm going out w/kat on Sunday, which will be loads of fun! We always have a ton of laughs and act stupid together. We are going on our annual trip to the Yankee Peddler. As usual, I havn't saved up much money to go, so there will be things I absolutely want and can't have. And it's the best place for xmas shopping!

Saturday, I slept until 1pm. That's the thing about being a single, childless woman. FREEDOM! I love it! If I feel like sleeping all damn day cus I work all the damn time, then by all means, I think I will! It did throw off my routine and I didn't get my cleaning done. Cus that is the only time I have to do everything in life, is wknds. We bowled sat night. I got on a league w/WG and his brother and wife. Let's just say I sucked pretty bad! I use to have my own ball but for some reason TWDSO wont come up off it and claims not to have it when it's in his fucking trunk. Asshole! So I have to bowl with shit balls which make me do worse than usual! I got a 68 and a 73 and I don't know my third game. Oh well. You'll have that!

Me and WG had a fire that night. And talked. I even got lucky if you can believe it! =)
Tayray came home later and snuck out (shhhh don't tell Ahnolde) when the man was in bed, for a beer. I stayed up til 3am talking to my brother, and my momma.

Slept til 1 on Sunday too, dammit! I did get my cleaning done though. And WG came to clean my carpets after doing them all day at work. Unfortunatley, it was only the real carpets. But, they do look nice if its any consellation!
My bunny, boo's had the craps all over the spare bedroom floor. Not to mention my dog peed 100 times in my living room. So now its all clean! And, the dog gets locked up all day so she doesn't ruin it anymore! It looks so nice! WG looked pretty cute doing it too. I can imagine what the women must think when he is at their houses. mmmmhmmmmm. Fantasies! I know women! ha ha ha!

WG asked me to help him with his finances. This is good, cus it bothers me that he isn't good with money. I'm not great. But, I have nice things, and my bills are paid, and I'm not starving, and neither are my SEVEN furkids!! I guess I do deserve some props for that. I just hope that I can help him. I told him he has to want to do it for himself. Cus, you can lead a horse to water......you know! And, while I do a good job with my own finances, I'm not where I'd like to be yet either. I told him I'll do it as long as it doesn't stress me out.

I made poor man's dinner, potato soup. I got a friggin' blister on my hand from cutting potatos. Where's the love for me on that? Being housewomanly, is hard shit to do! I don't much like it! I even took the time after WG passed out on me to get him a uniform and clean the cat hair off it, fold it up nice w/socks and underwear for today, and he didn't even wear it. Don't think I'll be staying up til midnight for that shit anymore! MEN!

And while it might sound like it, no we have not moved in together. Not gonna happen! For, a long while I think. Not that I don't think I would love being w/him all the time. But, we know the answer to that.

Today's Question:

Who was the least attractive person you were attracted to?

This is pretty easy, TWDSO was the least attractive person I dated. But, I was never really attracted to him, that was mostly the problem with us. So, maybe he isn't unattractive at all, it's just that I wasn't attracted to him?? Either way! TWDSO is my answer!


hot for jr. said...

the least attractive person I've been attracted to is my ex-husband. I look back at pictures and wonder, 'what were you thinking'? He's ugly, and an a**hole. He's what I needed at the time though, I guess.
Mon - I heard through the grapevine you think I never talk to you anymore. You guys think I'm too wrapped up in my new man. Well, I could say the same for you. You used to call mom all the time, and now you hardly call. I look at the cell phone bill and the sprint to sprint calls are almost non-existant. We're in love - there's no need to explain it, right? :-)

Mon said...

That wasnt what was said at all. I think the grapevine got weighed down with too many grapes on the weak, old vine, and warped it's mind!!