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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I'm Not The Only Freak.....

Apparently, other people think of nothing but sex too. And, they found my blog. Maybe today they will find familiarity with me in my post about sex addiction.

People found me by searching for:

posed playgirl endowed (Google)

real ligers pics (Yahoo)

"kill reality" stacy j nude (AOL)

johnny fairplay prank "kill reality" (Google)

"tonya" "lines on" "kill reality" (Google)

"kill reality" tonya pussy (Google)

do not underestimate the finger in the mouth and carmen electra (Yahoo)

Now, I have in fact talked about all this stuff before, but not in the same context. For instance, what is poor Napoleon doing in the midst of all the sexual talk..ligers. Poor guy!

I don't remember talking about playgirl. But I do read it for the articles. For instance this wknd. I read all about how to give good head. From a guy's perspective.

I said one time I watch Kill Reality...I bet these people were pissed when they got my blog as their search results! They don't even show pussy on the show so why search for it?

But, it makes me feel better, because I am not the only perv in the world. So thank you fellow pervs for making me feel good about me.

I don't feel dirty now. You should though. I don't search for porn on the net. I respectively purchase it in person. If you are too embaressed to buy it in person, then you have a problem. Either you are ashamed of it, or you are buying it too much that everyone knows you and thinks you are sick!

I'm going to get a chicken tendercrisp from BK. Without which, the world wouldn't be as tasty! And, a playgirl. Cus, it is a new month, so why not? I'm entitled!


Rachel said...

Lol! That's funny. I get a lot of weird hits through funny words too. Like "amateur girl", "triathlete in bikini", and "girl on bike". Hee hee. You'll probably get a ton of hits just for that post!

Rachel said...
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