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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Three Little Bears....

The Three Little Bears...

Brought to you by the year 1990. This just occurred to me last week and it's funny the things that you forget!

I was talking to Bubba about this group of people I use to hang out with, Joshie bear and Jami. (with an "I"). I was friends with them, through my ex husband. She asked how I started hanging out with them, cus they are really easy to make fun of and we bring them up from time to time. I said, I didn't really remember.

Josh moved to my school my sophomore year. He sat behind me in English class. I thought he was hot. And, he was friendly, so we talked in class. I wrote in my journal once, that he played with my hair. I was gay ok? So what! So, one time during a tornado drill, in English, we made our way downstairs, and lined up in the hallway like we are suppose to do. I was with my friend's Kat, and Jen (who I miss and havnt seen in 11 yrs!)
When they made us turn around, before we got down, and covered our heads with our faces in each others butt's (what a way to die btw if you DID encounter a tornado) I grabbed Josh's butt. He didn't know it was me, because he instantly turned around, and yelled at this boy, who was somewhat slow. He was in special ed.

J: "hey man, why'd you grab my butt, fag?"
(pushing the poor boy)
Slow Boy: "I didn't"
(pushed him back)
J: "bullshit"
(pushes him again)

By this point, the 'officials' had stepped in. I am dying on the inside to laugh, because it was me who did it. Kat and Jen didn't make it easier not to laugh! It was classic!!!!
And here they are fighting and getting into trouble over it...all because he thought the guy was a 'fag' and grabbed his butt!

Josh, got in school suspension for that. Because I grabbed his butt.

I never told him, until years later. Then, he thought it was funny. Because we were all friends. He use to go to school w/my ex husband and we all ended up at the vocational school together and I believe that is how we became friends.

They are annoying in such ways as, Jami called him her 'muscle bear'. His family all had names that revolved around bears. Brain bear, Mom bear.....totally gay, right? She always used this baby voice when she talked to or about him. And he did the same to her.

They 'meowed' for each other.
yes, I said 'meowed'

It was their secret gay relationship code for

"Where are you muscle bear?"
"Right here, bear"

They got married in like 1998. Their wedding theme? Bears! They had a cake with all these steps on it, and on each step, was some gay ass bears!!!!

We wasted all their pictures on the cameras they provided on things like, the fruit tree, peices of fruit off the tree. Our underwear, our boobs. You name it. I think Bubba made a bigger waste of the film than me, but I had a part in it!

We use to be inseperable. Spent all our free time together as a foursome. I got to be pretty close to Jami with an "I". When my ex husband left me, I never heard from either of them again. Never even an "are you ok?" nothing! Cut off!

That's when you find out who your true friends are. My real friends stuck by me and are still my friends!

That's why I like to make fun of the bears! Because they turned out to not be true friends. And, that's what you get when your a big fat fake person! Made fun of!

I saw these dick's at my high school reunion last summer (I'm old) and I totally ignored them. I hear from time to time about them, my friend Kat has a mutual friend with them.

I heard one year, at halloween, they dressed up as Little Bo Peep...and a Sheep.
Jami rode Joshie bear around since he was a sheep.
That is some stupid freakin' shit right there!!!!

Another classic moment I have on video was my 21st bday. Josh hit Jami in the head with my dog (lil bill was not hurt in the process, shes my baby!) and knocked her head into the wood on my couch. LOL! Classic!

Bubba, dated brain bear for a while. That is Josh's brother. He liked to only order 1 meal and share it when they went out, and drove w/his tailgate down to save on gas. Thank GOD that didn't work out! ha ha ha!

We put a lighter in their fire pit once. Hoping it would explode. We sat in anticipation all night waiting for it to happen, only me and Bubba knew. It never happened. It would've been funny.

Today's Question:

What is the single nastiest thing you have ever done to someone?

Good Lord, I think this is like a testament to my being a horrible person. I should have an entire post about the nasty things I have done to people, and I think I might.
For this one, I will say...
Putting dessenex on my ex husbands sore butt, because I laughed my ass off when he was in pain from the burning! (was spose to use BABY powder....)


Tayray said...

I dunno if you consider these nasty, but my X asshole would come home with his friends at like 4 am and wake me up everynight of the week, it would get a little annoying so to get back at them, when they were drunk and passed out, I emptied out the beer in the fridge, half way and poured water in them and put the caps back on, eww watered down beer!!! I got out my make up and put make up on Paul and painted his toe nails and finger nails and on Cody I got a permanent marker and drew a nice sized penis on his check towards his mouth. Asshole had clothes everywhere in his room, piled up everywhere, so right before I moved out I took Rocky in there and told him to pee, and he hiked his leg up and pissed on his clothes!!! Good boy!!!

Katie said...

The blog made me laugh today. Josh and Jami what a pair. Josh's name should have been "beat you ass bear" because that is what he did to her.

Katie said...

That should have been your ass!! And I am an English Teacher!

Celina said...

What a bunch of stupid "bears!" Funny story, and it's interesting to see how much we grow over the years...the friends we keep, and the ones we lose. My very-best-friend from high school ditched me our 2nd year in college (for a bunch of paid-for friends--sorority sisters). And, the girl I didn't like in high school (b/c she was always in everyone's business & was a real Ms-know-it-all) has been my best-girl-friend since starting college (at different schools)! And, I still have "fantasy dreams" about this one guy I was "IN LOVE WITH" in h.s. (I do tell the hubby about the dreams, though)!

Mon said...

Tayray: You got rocky trained!
Katie: they are quite the pair! Tune in tomorrow for my list of mean things I have done unto others.
Celina: It is weird, I hated Bubba in school. Harassed her all the time now were really close. It was mutual though. LOL!