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Friday, September 30, 2005

My Sex Starved Animals....

Happy Happy Pay Day!!! Too bad Rent and car comes out of 1 check. Bleh!

So, my dog has this thing with humping. (I dunno WHERE she gets it from....)
She is female, and she isn't fixed. She humps my cats on a regular basis. (The females)
The cats seem to not mind because they get into it too. I have to yell at her to stop it, cus the cats just lay there and let her have a go at them!

But, it doesn't stop there. My dog, humps pillows, or the bed. Does anyone else's dog do this? It's really a disgusting thing to hear, when you are in the middle of having some good sex of your own!! You don't always think to lock the dog out. But the times I have locked her out, she just sits outside and scratches and whines at the door!

My male cat, has sex with his mother. He is fixed too.

My rabbits? They like to get their hump on too. Chelsea the female, humps Boo's, and Boo's humps Mystic. They don't even mind if its backwards or forwards. Hump a head, or a butt, it doesnt matter.

Hey, we're all just one big happy family!!

I got free texting on my celly for a month.

Camping this wknd.!! Of course, we have to work this evening, so me and WG will be joining the rest of the crew on Saturday. My brother is suppose to go with us too so he better not back out!
I heard there will be about 15 of us camping together. I think it will be roughly 30 degrees at night, so I am going to stock up on my layers. Which sucks, cus when you wanna have some camping sex, then you gotta take them all off, and put them back on again.

Today's Question(s) (cus the first one is some sort of trick!)

What is the best hiding place you know?

As if I would ever reveal my super-top-secret hiding spot to anyone??!! Next!

What is the biggest advantage you have over your lover?

2 words. MULTIPLE ORGASMS. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!!!!


Tayray said...

My dog Rocky road humps everything too. If you are folding a blanket he will come over and start humping it. Sometimes his pee pee comes out for no reason and I tell him to put it away!! ha ha
Ques #1 I'm not telling you that answer, no way no how am i giving away my best hiding spot
Quest #2 I am smarter than they think I am! That goes for all of my x-boyfriends!

hot for jr. said...

If you keep giving mom ideas to steal my Dale Jr stuff, and smoke up the apartment, you WON'T be the best sister anymore!!! I only 'borrowed' her Jeff Gordon stuff to take it on an 'adventure' AFTER she hung Dale Jr. with Saran Wrap in the shower. What an awful thing to wake up to. I pulled open the shower curtain, and poor Jr. was hanging there. Oh, and last night I got home to a drawing she made of Dale Jr. on the fridge. She gave him big ears, stubble all over his face, and a tiny #8 hat. She is mean!!!