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Friday, July 29, 2005

Geek Sighting at the Concert....

The concert Wed. night ROCKED! It was me, Bubba, and Beth. We met at the bar. (suprised?) and had a drink or so. We missed most of Breaking Benjamin, but they still rocked!

I think we saw TWDSO at the concert. This is a picture of him. Oh, wait, thats another random dork at a rock concert! Oklahoma meteorology rules!!!!

Me and Beth love Staind, we rocked out! We waited all night to hear 'mudshovel' and they played it last, so we were psyched. (maybe a little buzz too) and she said we should make our own mosh pit. So, the 3 of us ran into each other and pushed each other and acted like fools. It was really muddy out from all the rain. We laughed and after a minute or so....sadly....were all out of breath. I blame it on the fact that we jogged for a good minute on the way in. We ARE the champions!!

We took rain ponchos! Beth had them. They came in handy when we wanted to sit down later. And Bubba made good use of hers on the way out. She was the comedic relief!

The night ended with a delicious meal at Swensons.....Chocolate PB shake. Hamburger mmm!


hot for jr. said...

Their burgers are delicious!! I forgot all about that place - next time we come to town, remind me. We'll have to take Scott!!

Mon said...

They got tots at Swensons too! But a better choice is potato teezers. Lets not discuss the Swensons, when I ate too much this wknd and cant be bad til next wknd. k?