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Friday, July 22, 2005

Dave's not here....

I have had this sound on my computer, forever. I share an office with a guy named Dave. He runs a lot of reports for people, and is in high demand. We just upgraded our computer system, so he is particularly busy lately.

Everyone.... comes looking for Dave. While, I am always willing to help others out, and be nice, and smiley at the office, it does get a little old, when the same person asks me 10 times if Dave's here, and each time I say "I don't know" or "I havn't seen him" or "Yes, he is here somewhere" (my most popular answer)

Dave in today?
Seen Dave?
Dave around?
Dave off?
Dave on vacation?
Dave around somewhere?
and the most annoying "Isn't it your turn to babysit Dave?"

So, yesterday and today, Dave is on vacation. I think I am smart, and I post a sign on my desk. My desk faces our doorway, so I am the first thing you see, a bright ray of sunshine lol. I put the sign right where my face is so if you look in to ask me "Where's Dave" you will not see my smiling face, you'll see my sign 'Dave is on vacation Thursday and Friday'

You know, that hasn't stopped people from asking me where Dave is? Because now, people think it's funny to ask me, just to be smart asses!

I have a hard enough time remembering when I am at work, and what I am doing when I am here. I have to write my shit down so I remember each day what I have to do...I can't remember where someone is!

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Anti-Blogger said...

I need to talk to Dave, do you know where he is? The report came back from the proctologist and it ain't good.