"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's all about Bubba!....Deal with it!

Bubba, has a mild addiction in life. It is, her cell phone. She has been known to carry said phone, to the bathroom to avoid missing a call. Voicemail, means nothing to Bubba, she likes it live and in person!

You talkin' bout me?

She also drops her phone all the time. (she spills at least 1 drink a day too but thats off topic!)
It finally started falling apart. She had it rubber banded for a while, to keep it closed. I made her a ghetto phone sticker, because I don't know many people who have to rubber band their phones.

She took 1/2 a vacation day, to get a new phone. Most people, save vacation days for vacationing. Not her!

She wanted to see how many more times she could've dropped it before it would've completely fallen apart. So It was fun to act like her and carry it around, and say "oh, a text msg" and drop it. LOL! And...throw it at walls in anger! Smash the screen....

Then, it finally came apart. We had a lot of laughs, talking into the parts, like they were walkie talkies, while sitting in the car next to each other. Sometimes, We are totally gay. This is one of the best pictures ever.

Broke phone no workie.

The phone has not seen its end just yet.....

You'll have to add anything to comments Bubba, I am not witty today and you didn't send your story.

And, here are some funny pics from last Saturday, when we laughed ourselves silly, or were so silly we laughed ourselves sick, or hacked to death from smoking, and laughing at the same time.

Parking lot antics.

Golden Corral is Good...Mkay?


Today's Question:

How do YOU best vent anger?

I don't think this is the BEST way, but I tend to turn into a psychopath. Throw a few things, talk to myself (and it is TALKING cus I answer)
example.. when hooking up my tivo:

"why does this stupid fucking thing have to be such a peice of shit?" (as I throw the book at the wall, not a person, see Im nice!)

"I don't know why it's a peice of shit, it just fucking is!" (as i go pick up said peice of shit tivo book)
(mess with peice of shit and it still doesn't work)
"Good lord, why can't I get anything to work?"
"I dunno!"
(mess with wires and plugs)
"there, you are all plugged in, this goes there, this goes there, why isn't there power?"
"who knows, it should work, how do you know you aren't plugged in right?"

At which point, I usually start to cry, and give up. LOL! That is my anger management!


Rachel said...

I scream, yell, cry, and throw things. Basically, I throw a tantrum until I get my way.

JustDes said...

LMAO.....I don't know Bubba, but that's my girl.....A rubberband?

The answer: I call my friends and throw hte worst temper tantrums......Until they put me in my place for acting like a 2yr. old.

Hey mon it's cool to talk to yourself, but my mom always taught me when you start answering yourself, there might be a problem.....LOL.....Girl you are so damn silly!

Mon said...

Yayyyy I am not the only one who acts crazy when I am mad! woo hoo! LOL!