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Monday, July 18, 2005

Water, water, everywhere!...

So...what did you do this wknd.?

I flooded my apartment!!!!! Good one Mon! Good one!!!!

Saterday I took a nap after a long, tiring day. I got up, ran my bath. I also bought myself a new TV with my extra money in my paycheck. The bad part of the new TV is, Tivo was in and out for some reason, it is stupid, and you have to have it unplugged or plugged in a certain number of seconds, don't ask me why!! And I couldn't stand it, and had to mess with it forever. Well, about an HOUR later, I notice water coming in the living room. (My bathroom is right across from my living room, but I have a blanket in the doorway to keep the a/c in the kitchen, and living room.)
Yea, it was bad! I had to use a cup to get the water up out of the bathroom. All my towels. Thru the spin cycle. All my towels. Twice.

WG luckily called me and got a shop vac, and sucked up the water. I've had my a/c on, and fans running trying to dry it. Yesterday, I noticed my garage ceiling is bowed in, from the water upstairs!!!!!

Saturday morning we had a morning meeting for job #2. Bubba entertained herself during that, by pouring sweet 'n' low on my feet, and writing notes to WG about rim jobs, and texting on her phone. All I can say about saturday, is that we had lost our minds. We were really being obnoxious. Bubba started it! We are usually the only ones laughing in cases like these, but you know what? we laughed for about 5 straight hours, and I dunno many people who can say THAT! She made a mess at the Golden Corral eating her food up like a freak lol. The people sitting by us gave her dirty looks.

We went to get my TV (that I love) from the JC Penny Outlet. It is silver, and matches Tivo, and my DVD player. They are beautiful, my electronics!! My electronics, bought with my money, that I didn't need to borrow from anyone, or have anyone help me pay my bills with! I LOVE MY INDEPENDANCE!!! It feels good! I don't need nobody to depend on but ME!

We went to the Beir Haus Saterday night. Had some drinks. The DJ wasn't too exciting Sat, and Tiffany2 came and the one said she didn't think he was cute. (there are 2 tiffanies) Shot dowwwwwwn. LOL! WG joined the shot crew thing, so we all had strange shots. I got chocolate cake, which was disgusting, he had a creamy snatch and Bubba got a blowjob. Know what they have at the Beir Haus? Futons. And TV's. Fun shots. Sandbox. And Beer.

Yesterday, my ex "Z" called me. 2 months ago, he's sweating me to hook up, and now he is all fatherly, as if he has changed. He said he had a boy, looks just like him, I said congrats, and asked him if he felt different. It was a short convo....
Z: I have a son
ME: Did you??? 10 fingers 10 toes (like I really care)
Z: Yes, he looks just like me so I cant deny him
ME: Why would you want to?
Z: I don't
ME: So do you feel any different?
Z: Yes, I have to get up at 3a.m.
ME: Rough Life
Z: So, you seeing anyone yet?
ME: Yes, you could say that, he is here now (WG was sleeping)
Z: Who is it?
ME: Someone I work with, at my second job.
Z: That's not a good idea.
ME: You are the expert on relationships (very sarcasticly)
Z: You just don't know what could happen....hold on, I think my
girlfriend is home....

Then, in classic "Z"-dom "My girlfriends home...click" lol lol lol! Cus, you know, we can't talk I guess? I dunno why I am pleasant to him. I think it's cus he is the only guy who ever admitted to me that he royally fucked up losing me. It's a good stroke to the old ego I think? Cus he really doesn't deserve my friendship. We were both screwed up in the head in the relationship, I did my part, but he was the friggin maniac!!! Jealous, posessive, crazy!

When Eminem's last CD came out he called to tell me that our song was 'Crazy in Love'. Some people may be offended by that, but its true, word for word, every last sentance of that song is us. When I first heard it I laughed 3 times through it. Some people, just do not belong together. I am not like that anymore. And he claims not to be either. We make much better friends. We made pretty good Special friends too......but, that's all in the past. All that we really had, was incredible sex. Too much times gone by. We've both moved on! What's done is done!

(excerpt: You make me crazy/The way we act like two maniacs in the sack/We fuck like two jack rabbits/ and maybe that's a bad habit/Cause the next day we right back at it/In the same exact pattern/What the fuck is the matter with us/We can't figure out if it's lust/Or if it's love which that is attractin us to each other/They say that every man grows up to marry his own mother/Which would explain why you're such a motherfuckin bitch/But I stay and still stick it out with you/Even though I just hit you today /but you deserved it/You hit me first and provoked me to choke you/Just cause I came home late last night/Crawled in bed and I woke you/But if there's one thing about you that I admireIt's baby, because you stay with me/Maybe cause you're as crazy as I am/Cause when I look at youI can see an angel in your eyes/ but if I look deeper inside/I see a freakish little side, like a devil in disguise)

Did I say, that I got a new TV? To understand the excitement for me, I have been watching a 19" TV, that even w/my glasses on, you couldn't really read the menu options. Now, I have a 27" flat screen!!!! With surround sound built in!!! It's IN there! I just love it! And, I deserve it for working my butt off! It also has loud volume, and its smart and goes up and down when the movie does.

WG had war of the worlds on DVD. So, we watched it at my house, on the new TV! It was really good! Much better than going to the theater. We didn't break any laws whatsoever. Someone else did I think. lol.

Other than that, I spent any spare time cleaning up my water mess, and doing laundry. I lead an exciting life you know!! Katie came to get some rose bushes I got from work. And some geraniums. I had to replace most of my plants, with ones I brought back from the trade show, cus they all died while I was gone. I miss having time for gardening, it really makes me happy! I don't even get to enjoy my plants. Next summer, hopefully I won't be working 2 jobs and can enjoy more.

I am going to the eye Dr. today. YAY new eyes!!!!

And, I debated saying this tidbit, but it's best to document all occurances...lol.
WG said the big "L" word to me officially this wknd. I will say it when I am ready. I feel something. But I'm scared to admit to anything. I plead the fifth! I am afraid that once that is out there, it will go downhill. My momma says...."he can't help himself" ....she is my momma and she has to say those things about me!
We should see each other tonight. Hopefully. He has been busy helping his brother move. And I have been busy too. It was hard enough to keep my house in order just working 2 jobs.
Now I have a man in the mix.

I am trying to talk my mom into moving back to Ohio. She will love it here. We have a lot of fun!

Today's Question:

In light of my stupidity, make me feel better and tell me something dumb you did!!!!

Read post, I flooded my apartment ok????


the blonde 1 said...

Ok that is too funny that you flooded your apartment. I know it isn't funny but I am only laughing b/c I would be capable of doing something like that. Here is just one of the many stupid things I have done in my short life span. I was in the mall with my mother and we were in the shoe dept. I saw this cute pair of flip-flops so I decide to try them on. Instead of waiting for someone to bring me my size I try the display pair on. As in most shoe stores they have that little piece of plastic hooking them together so no one steals just one shoe. So I plopped them on the floor stuck my feet in and said, as I am taking a step, "Mom, aren't these shoes..." crash. I topple to floor b/c the smart blonde that I am forgot that the shoes were hooked together. Automatically, my mother and I are in tears b/c we are laughing so hard. Well I get up and throw my arms in the air and say, "Thank, thank you very much!" There were only about 30 people standing there watching my performance. Needless to say no on else thought it was funny.

the blonde 1 said...

Ok I don't like myself that much to post this twice. I must have hit the "publish your comment" twice. Sorry!

Mon said...

That's ok Blonde1 I have the power to remove posts. You only showed up once! lol! biffing it in public, would be embaressing!!! Classic!!!!

I reserve my most embaressing moment for another post. Maybe tomorrow!!!

JustDes said...

LOL.....How in the hell...Forget it...you are too damn hilarious mon....

Did bubba really put sweet n low on your feet? I swear if ya'll ever come to NYC and hang with my friends we would all get arrested for disturbing the peace. Ya'll remind me so much of my peeps....lol....She smacked you with a penis....I LOVE IT!

So ummm, is WG brother cute? What? I need a hook up...NO matter how far.

I do stupid ish every day....J/K....or am I?

Mon said...

Neodes: it was my TV! It distracted me! It is my slight addiction! We keep saying how we want to take a trip to NY...some dayyyy! We all have to get off work the same time, and all have money. I'll def. let you know if it ever happens, you can tell us where to hang out!

She did pour sugar on my feet, and I was trying to be quiet, it was a work meeting!

WG brother is married...
but, my brother is single as can be, he is 32 in a few weeks, and he is cute! He has some issues...but hes perfect hook up material!!!!!

Of course, this is heresay--from other people, I do not know first hand. We are not THAT close!!!!