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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My Most Embaressing Moment...

As promised, here is how I embaressed myself.

In my old apartment, I had a dufuss who lived there who had a CB radio. He put this giant antennae on top of the building, which interfered with everything I owned. I'd hear his big mouth on my answering machine, CD player, Tape player, TV, VCR, DVD. He was vulgar too, at all hours, talking about this and that to do with sex to other men.... I lived alone, and sometimes he would sound irate, and it would scare me! I complained to my landlord countless times about his interference. Supposedly he told the guy to take the tower down, but he didn't. I put a nasty note on his door once, and the next day I had one on MY door! lol! He called me a bitch among other things!
But...I even taped him being disgusting for proof! And I still have some of his conversations on tape! I had to call the FCC, the phone company, the makers of my tv/vcr/cordless phone/answering machine, and the cable guy. It was a fiasco!!!!

My embaressing moment...involves the cable guy. They had come out to test the settings on my box already. But, I still could hear this guy thru VCR (i could turn down my phone and answering machine, but there is no getting around the tv/vcr)
So, he comes in and messes with some codes, and asks do I have a movie to put in, to see if he can still hear the yahoo talking through it. I said yea, there is one in there already. (cus there was)

He pushed play, and loe and behold, it was a PORNO!!!!!!! Right at the good part, ok?
I immediately said, that's my brothers.....and turned bright red!!! AAAAH HAAAAA!!!!! And he laughed and pushed stop!

LOL! Cable Guy + Single girl at home alone with porn = embaressing.
I don't think I ever felt more stupid in my life! At least flooding my apartment, was done while I was alone!

Share your embaressing moment, its liberating!!!


Rachel said...

That's pretty good. I've had so many embarrassing moments, I don't know where to start. When I was 18 and just out of high school, I was swimming at the country club my parents belonged to in a bikini. I stopped to talk to a lifeguard, who I thought was totally cute. Later, I realized my bikini top had been pushed down and one of my boobs was totally exposed the whole time!!! I was mortified.

Anonymous said...

Uh,, momma would like to say that she is going to be 59 this year........NOT SIXTY !!!!!!!!
Hey I may be old but I still got 6 winks and 1 email on the dating site. There is hope for you Monica.. Course they just see the head and I had a good hair day.
My most embarrassing moment was when I paid with a $10 bill and thought I had paid with a $20 bill and kept argueing with the cashier..Then it dawned on me that I had used the $20 earlier.. I crawled out the door of the store..
Then there were the two times I had gone to work with my PULL ON CLOWN UNIFORM PANTS on backwards and had stopped for a dr. appt. not knowing the permanent seam was up the back.. No wonder they put me on antidepressants.. Oh well, at least my bra was UNDER my CLOWN uniform top.. (I think) Golden Girls moment.
Then there was the time I got my new partial and had to use the PA system at work and all my words sounded like sssssssccchhhsss.. EH???
And the time I asked another mother on the bus when her baby was due and she said I'm not pregnant..
If I had time, I could tell many stories of embarrassing moments..
Hey being a senior citizen now I can admit these things and get away with it.. Just put on the Red Hat and they say..Oh she's one of those!!

Mon said...

59, 60, whats the diff? lol! I could list embaressing moments WITH my mom....such as, when she made me buy falsies cus my dress didnt fit for my dance, and I was soooo embaressed. (gee what happened to those days?) Or, the countless times she tried to save $ cus there is a button missing, or a mark on a shirt. lol. Or, being charged for 2 frostings at 1.98 a peice when they were BOGO...and having to wait for her to return them. I WANT MY $1.98 DAMMIT!! lol!
Oh well, you keep me laughing!

Anonymous said...

Or.... momma could say that she was embarrassed facing the limo driver picking her daughter up in the middle of the night because they got thrown out of the limo, when she was plastered holding an empty 12 pack to puke in but I won't.. Or the time she walked away from me at the mall and I was frantic looking all over the place between the racks like a nut probably on camera, then riding a slow escalter up while they are paging your name loud and clear to come pick up your lost child in the office.. orrrrrrrrr.. many many other times

hot for jr. said...

How about the embaressing moment when mom was in the ocean in her yellow bikini, and a big wave came and pulled her pants down. We have a picture of that day. (not from THE moment, but same day) I seem to remember someone telling a story where mom went to the wrong car and tried to open it with her key.
I wish I could remember some more. My memory is starting to go....

It's hard to embaress Mon because she has no shame when it comes to alot of things. She just doesn't care what other people think. I bet no one has any stories about me..
Signed,the first born, and favorite daughter

Mon said...

I have no shame! I am footloose and fancy free!