"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, July 01, 2005

I'm your inspiration....

I found out yesterday, that others aspire to be like me. LOL. My sister's work friend, said she was "off the chain" at dinner! She told her to tell me she did it. I gotcha, you....are HIP! You are well on your way! You can get really good, and put different phrases together. For instance, if you really want the booty, you can say "It's up on me, I'm off the chain". That's the wknd excitement! And, my sister properly used it in context as well! Yay Girls!!!

Speaking of 50 Cent, we wanted to go to the anger management tour. Its coming to COLUMBUS. (Eminem toooooo!!!!) Don't ask me what kind of crap that is, cus Columbus is 2 hours from us! And, who that is anyone, doesnt come to Cleveland? Hello? So, on the radio yesterday they said they would announce concert info on it, for C-Town. They said C-Town. That is Cleveland. No details. We all wait....and wait....and wait. I can't express the joy we will have if we can go to the concert!!!!

While we are on the subject of me being inspiring, this is pretty cool, WG likes an Edwin song! =) And...no, it isn't I'll be! "I want it all". Anyone who can appreciate Edwin, can appreciate me! I don't think there is a song HE wrote that I don't connect with in one way or another. Maybe there will be yet another Edwin convert! He is addictive, people just don't give him a chance! I always say....see a live show, then say he doesn't rock. His voice gives me goooooosebumps!! He will likely be back in the winter. Spring, and winter he comes!!!

I told WG a little about the stuff from my past with abuse. Not everything. The funny (not really) thing is, he said an ex of his wasn't happy w/him cus it wasn't an abusive relationship...hmmm now who does that sound like, ohhhhhh I dunno...ME? I think I got that
out of my system with TWDSO tough. What my past taught me, is to look for warning signs, and if I see them, I'm OUT! And, how to appreciate a good person, when you find one. Let's hope I remember all my life's lessons! I know if anything came up to where I might feel threatened, I would be scared back inside myself. If, that makes any sense! Like a hermit crab! (I have one of them too!) I am barely pushing the shell up, and sticking out my feelers. I can still be scared back in pretty easily! I'm fragile! Or, Fra-G-Lay!

WG said he is suprising me today, so I am a little worried about what it could be he is doing. LOL. I think the suprise is, that I am not tired today! And, I get to see him tonight after going out w/my girls!

There was a new sign on the church on the way to work...today's said "Some pursue happiness, others create it". How true, How true! You can chase things all you want, but that doesnt mean you will be happy. You have to work for it, get yourself together, and you create your own happiness in the long run. Some day I hope to say that I am living proof of that. But right now, I still think, it is too good to be true. I am 29....I have wanted things my whole life, and never gotten them. I realize, that this has made room for even better things to happen to me, but i never expected it. I am still cautious. I wish I didn't feel like I had to be. But, like I said, when do I ever get what I want?

My poor dog, wouldnt get up this morning to go potty. She drug herself out from under the bed and mozied...yes, she mozied to the door. She wouldn't jump down to go potty. She is a big mess right now w/her allergies, shes real itchy and miserable. I feel so bad for her. But she really does have life left in her for the most part! She has good and bad days! My hateful brother told me to put her to sleep cus she's 9. Even though, she is perfectly fine aside from some usual old person stuff! Artheritis, Eyes, Ears, Skin......

God, I dread getting old! I shouldn't because its inevitable!!!! But, I can't help it! My momma gives me hope, she still looks good at her (unrevealed) age! She got a hot old guy interested in her too! She sent me his pic yesterday, I said damn, he's hot for an old guy! lol! But he is! He still has a spring in his step too if yaknowhatimean!!!! Go mom! ha ha ha!!!! She mostly has all her mind left too, but I think what is gone, has always been gone, life does that to you!

I'm working tomorrow. I keep getting crap for not finishing this job I'm on. Yet, I am working 7 days a week....and 2 jobs. I'd like to see these assholes do it, and do it for 5 months at that!! What makes it even more fun and fantastic, is I worked last wknd for 2 days on a price guide, and someone emailed me saying it was completed. Basically, I worked for nothing last wknd!!! Yea, I'll get paid, but that was my personal time, that I gave up, and it was wasted! Gotta love it!
This s/b my last wknd. working too much! Wish me luck!

Today's Question: (I changed books, little different)

What is the longest you have ever been celibate.

Hmm...I thought only priests were celibate? Does that mean, willingly? LOL...
Physically *5 months and 26 days.
I was mentally out of it for around 2 years.

*Not that I was counting or anything........



hot for jr. said...

3 years 9 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we say, born again virgin?!?! I wasn't in a relationship and didn't go out looking for it, so I guess that was willingly. I am quite happy now - it was well worth the wait!!

the blonde 1 said...

I feel so proud that I got mentioned on your blog. I would be the hip one who said "off the chain". I will have to work on putting the phrases toghether. I will keep you posted.
I went to 50 Cent's concert last year with Jay-Z and let me tell you, that was "off the chain"! I had so much fun! My husband and I want to go again this year. They are coming here August 17, so I might buy tickets this weekend. So if they come to "your C-town" you have to go to the concert. You would have a blast.

Have a great weekend and 4th! Don't party too much :)

Rachel said...

I dread getting old too. I need to figure out how to stop dreading it since it's inevitable.

hot for jr. said...

I'd like to thank my sister for keeping me young at heart by making sure I'm up on the hip lingo being used in da clubs!! Thanks Mon, I'd feel so lost and confused and without you!

hot for jr. said...

DUH! drop the second 'and' from that last sentence.
- I'd feel so lost and confused without you -
Too bad you couldn't no teach me the proper grammer speak!! LOL :-)

Mon said...

Hey blonde one, we were talking about visiting VA Bch just to go to the concert!! LOL!~ (oh, thats my FAMILY over there.....)

hot for jr: you just got excited about being hip! lol!

Rachel: I know, society screws up your head about staying young! It is a scarey thought!!

Mon said...

and...i def feel for you on the 3 yrs. you had me thinking that the desire would go away. Oh, after a while you don't miss it....Yea, OK! I would agree, worth the wait. Did I say that? Maybe I didn't!

the blonde 1 said...

You should definitely come to Va Beach for the concert. We would have a blast! Well I am "outtie" (not sure if that is considered hip anymore) for the extra long weekend. Have a good one!

JustDes said...

I'm a firm believer in you create your own happiness.....Geez mon are you as cool as me?!?! lol....WE gots to get up one day...

THE ANSWER: *dramatic music* DADADADUMMMMMMMMMMM the longest i've been without........NOW....I haven't had none since May....And weirdly enough, i'm not mad. Am i growing up?