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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Sorry I forgot the question today. I have been busy working. And, slowly being driven mad by technical mumbo jumbo, and my twitching eye, and my headache, and no sleep, and family stuff.
My brother has been moved to Critical Care. Apparently, he wasnt taking his blood thinners. They told him it was crucial he did that when they let him go the last time. He could have died this time. I don't understand why it is so hard to take care of yourself???? I asked him a couple times if he needed to go get medicine too, so he really had no reason not to be taking them.

He also has some deficiancy with his heart. My dad died of aneurysm. Poof.
My dad's dad, died of a heart attack. Poof. My brother, seems to not think this is a serious issue.

But, before my head explodes, something fun that requires no brain power:

Today's Question:

What is the worst weather you have experienced?

It was about 12 years or so ago. There was a tornado that touched down in my town. I think they called it some kind of wind tunnel, or some crap like that. But, it was a tornado alright! The sky turned yellow after a storm, and it got quiet. We lived in a trailer. I was home alone. Scared. My mom called me from Arby's and said to leave the trailer and go to the mail building, i said "whaaaaaaaaat?" crackle, crackle, leave, crackle crackle click. I was shutting windows and our neighbor was alone with her little boy crying and yelling at me to come over. I had to track down my cat who had decided to never leave under the bed for the life of her. I wrapped her in a blanket, and went to the neighbors. We ended up being evacuated that night, due to a downed powerline/tree in the yard. Roofs, and trees were ripped apart. But it wasnt a tornado. NOOOO!

Another time, last summer, the tornado sirens sounded, and I systematically ran up 2 flights of stairs (basement and floor level) to gather each of my pets....1....at....a....time. I called pseudo-weatherman TWDSO frantic.....as always he didn't answer my call.
Once I got all 5 of them in the basement, and sat down in a panic in the basement, TWDSO called to tell me I was safe. He was always so thoughtful of me and my over-reactions. (of course, I am being sarcastic!)

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Rachel said...

We were once stuck in a barn as a tornado came way too close.