"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Ok, Ok, it's the Wednesday weigh in. I was certain I gained weight, seeing how I never had but 2 days of intentional exercise this week, and ate a plethera of junk foods!!!! I can only think, to thank WG for extra curricular activities! Thank you! I think our experiment could work, we just need to apply it a little more to get better results! My advice to all who are battling their weight.

I dunno how much longer I am going to be able to work 2 jobs, have a life, have 6 pets, EXERCISE, and have a man in my life. It is rough! I have my days!! I did get to bed by 12:30...but I didn't get much of anything done! Washed laundry, dried, put away. Washed another load. Actually wrote in my journal. (have been slacking in this area too)
I was pretty down in the dumps last night. I dunno if it's PMS? I have been all jacked up in that department for a while now. Since 'The Breakup'... I havn't really had one at all. But fear not, I will not bear TWDSO's demon spawn, I'm on the pill. Not to mention, had no sex for 6 months, so I'd be about ready to pop soon. Just too much thinking!

I am not the spring chicken I once was! Back in the day, I use to go to work at the bank and still be hungover. When I got divorced I was a party animal. I also got fired eventually for missing so much work. But, the bulk of those days were missed because I spent a month in a dark depression. They didn't care that my world had fallen apart! So, then, I'd close the bars down, and get my butt to work! Sleep at my desk on morning breaks. Bubba came in later than me and would sometimes wake me up! Now, I really sound old, telling 'those were the days' stories!!

I just don't have time for anything. I only have 2 hours at home a night, and if I have cleaning, laundry, or anything to do but exercise, that is all I get done, and I get no exercising done!! I have to do it first thing at 10pm cus it makes me wired, and I have trouble falling asleep if I do it later...then I can't get up in the morning, and I am late for work.
My job, is, and always has been #1 to me.

I am going to have to talk to WG about this. I really enjoy spending time with him, and I am on the right track...I seem to be getting thrown off! I need to keep on trucking with exercise, it makes me feel really good mentally and physically, and this past week, bleh. I don't feel so good! Eating more junk than usual.....(I have had more cookies this week than I have had in 4 months, and that is the truth!) I have to keep myself first and keep on with my plans. This is my time! The time is now! lol!

I honestly felt ok with things, until I started thinking about the future, where WG is concerned. This is why I wanted to keep it easy. I didn't want to think of futures, and love, and being in a relationship. I can't help that it happened, because that is the natural progression of life... but I knew this is how I would react once those things came up. If there is one thing I know, its me!
Hopefully I'll get this all resolved (at least off my chest) tonight.

Bubba called off work today, because she sucks! I would say she needs some time off, because she is working my same hours, and spending each night with her new man. I have been taking days off from mine. So I sprayed her with air lift air freshener. A little thing we like to call payback!! Then, she threw a paperclip at me and it hit me in the temple. She could've killed me or poked out my eye! She is off the chain!
I surely wish I was at home in bed, sleeping! But, I'm too chicken shit to call off when I really don't need to. 4 years and counting....perfect attendance. It's ok to be jealous of me!

I am looking forward to my Wed. salad. I get a grilled chicken salad each wednesday. It is good to have tradition in your life. (is this another sign of getting old??) It's big, and I eat half for lunch Wed, and the other half on Thurs, and it keeps nice! LOL - Now i really DO sound old ok?

Today's Question:

Who was the worst creep you ever dated?

I think I dated plenty of creeps. But hands down, the biggest creep would be Steve. He was also the shortest relationship in my history! 8 months! He has moved out of state and since married and had a kid, yea good luck to HER! He was a really good lay and thats about all I can say about him! I was on the re-bound and fell head over heals for no good reason. I let him move in with me cus he got kicked out of his moms (should've been a clue). He ended up living with me and never paying me a dime, bought food once. Disappeared a lot for days on end. One time, he disappeared and decided he was moving to Colorado. Nice. I soon realized he stole a lot from me, countless CD's (how he got money was by selling my CD's) my video camera, money, money from my SISTER which we didnt know for sure but in retrospect, Im thinking it was him!
Yea, Stevo was a creepo!


Rachel said...

Trying to balance life with exercise is HARD! Remember that exercise is part of your life. Maybe you can exercise with WG. I exercise with my husband all the time; he's a great training partner. Also, can you work out first thing in the morning before things get hectic? That helps a lot of people. Remember that you don't always have to go to the gym. You can pop in an aerobics video or weight lift as you watch Leno. (I do). In addition, sneak in exercise throughout the day. Walk whenever you can, take the stairs instead of the elevator, wear a pedometer to track your progress. And don't forget that cleaning the house and vacuuming is exercise too!

Anonymous said...

Worst creep I ever dated was a guy named Dave P.. the stalker.. This was a blind date from a good friend of mine.. I should have followed my first instinct and RAN LIKE HELL..!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hiddy Ho everyone, this is The Packmule. I have been busy hauling trash at my job so I am a little behind in the blogging responses. Bubba lost my horseshoe?? Well, I hope her hoofs don't wear out cuz I gave her my last one. I fractured my foot when I ran off to SC (long hoofing trip)..so it won't fit me anymore but I thought at least Bubba would keep it to remember me by. You have all heard of the "footprints in the sand".. well I have three hoofprints in the sand now. It's hoofprint, hoofprint, hoofprint, dragmark..
I appreciate Monica trying to hook me up with another WG as being a lonely packmule is no fun. Believe me, I have tried to flip my tail around but noone wants an old packmule. I feel I have been put out to pasture so to speak. Packmule has anxiety attacks when driving so she stays in the barn pretty much all the time. Probably a reincarnate flashback from days of yesteryear when I had to pull the covered wagon across the west and got run over. I also won't go in water unless I can touch bottom so probably my demise was being run over in a river. The Rio Grande I suspect. Probably some selfish MAN trying to stake a claim on a gold mine or something.
Since I deserted my daughter, her blog is how I keep in touch with what is going on in her life. I think she does a wonderful job.
I am posted on True in case there are any male packmules out there who are interested. I figure I still have a few good years to load up the old saddlebags and go out hoofing.. No NOT HUFFING..!! HOOFING.. Until then, I will continue to crochet Monica's huge afghan, and paint my roosters and snowmen and make my kitties, and play Pogo games alone all night,,,ho hum.. GOTTALUVME!!!!!!!!

Mon said...

Rachel: You have inspired me. I am going to do laps at work. lol! When I get up for breaks I am going to do a lap and the stairs. I guess any little bit will help!! I do have a pedometer, I should dig it out and set a daily goal!!

Momma: You, had me rolling.

hot for jr. said...

I remember the missing money from my purse. You defended that boy like a good girlfriend should, but love was blind and stupid with that one!!

Rachel said...

Good for you, Mon! You can do it!!!