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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Gotta love Old Navy....

I have a slight obsession with Old Navy. I love everything they make. Shoes, socks, underwear, sandals, shirts, shorts....skirts! Bras! They even make big cup sizes with the spaghetti straps...who else does for under $20? You tell me! You name it I love it!

I went on my lunch break to get a new pair of khaki's for this wknd. since I have to wear them to the show. I got a size smaller. FINALLY! I am down an entire size!!! None of this, my pants are loose crap anymore!!!!

Some day, I will sport my old pants only when you can fit 2 of me inside for a picture.

So, my 1 pair of pants turned into $114. I had to get another pair of pants, then some shirts were on sale! What would you do? I went down a size, we know how this is!! Then their tank tops were $8.50!!

Then, the cashier told me I had a cute hair cut. Now, not only did Old Navy make me spend $ in the store by having cute clothes, and some sales, but now their employee's are handing out the compliments! I gave her Angie's info. I wonder when I will ever see some sort of kickback for all the referrals I get her? Can I get my eyebrows done for free? Can you throw in some toner? Huh? A comb?

So, go out today, and play the lottery. Play 114. I spent this exact amount the last time I went to Old Navy. It has got to be some kind of sign, other than, I shouldn't be buying clothes, and I should be paying off my bills. Whoopsie!!!!!


Rachel said...

I love Old Navy! I have so much stuff from there. Their jeans fit, and everything is cute and cheap! It's perfect for me to wear to work since I have to wear clothes that aren't too dressy (in case I spill something noxious on myself).

JustDes said...

I sometimes like OLD NAVY.....Okay who am I kidding.....I'm a whole GAP Brand Ho...lol....I really like OLd NAvy accessories, Gap clothes and Banana Republic Shoes.....*sigh*..I'm a Ho mon..

Hey lady, sorry i haven't been on here to leave my witty comment ; )..Life has been doing a numer on me, though not a bad one just a number....Anyway I want to invite you to something, So please email me when you get the chance....

Mon said...

Rachel: yea, and if you do spill something, it's max 35 bucks down the tubes. LOL! I love it!