"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tonight, I get to have a normal persons life!....

If you call going to the hospital 'normal', but you catch my drift!!

WG called me. He got me out of work tonight. Who the heck doesn't like that? So I can go see my brother in the hospital! It was slow a couple nights last week, and they let volunteers go home.

He just called me, and said he told our supervisor about my brother and she said to not come in!! Is he not a keeper? Sweet!
So, now I don't have to try to rush to the hospital after work at 9:30, I can go, visit, get his keys, visit his cats, go home, rest, and hopefully see WG! ALL DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS!

Bubba still has to go and she is pretty pissed. She was mean to me, and I think I might cry. (not really I'm dramatic) I have a sick family member plus, she got off 2 days last week. Not my fault! Bubba, one day when I'm dead and gone you will feel bad for hurting my feelings! WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! LOL!

Our computer system, that they have been upgrading for months upon months (ie: paying consultants out the wazoo, a whole room of them) and it has been pushed back several times as to when we would start using it. Today, they said on our PA system...it was corrupt. Not something you want to hear! Luckily, we in marketing are sheilded from the system. I use it on a minimal basis, mostly looking up customer addresses! Sucks to be the rest of the fools here, that's for sure! I fear change!

HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAA........! I'm out. It's daylight! Did I say that already? I am going to run outside and scream for my freedom!!!!!! 6 months folks................I've been working 2 jobs, 6 months, with perfect attendance!!!!! (called off 1 time at job 2) Actually, I have 4 consecutive years here at job #1. But I'm not bragging. (yes I am!)


lyrics said...

Havent commented in a while. Couldnt resist. Mon told me to keep reading her blog even though I told her that I felt like I was invading her private time and life. Im glad Im not like TWDSO. Thats dumb to get jealous over someone else "me" time. Especially if it involves family(including pets). I like spending time with my brother and my daughter. I would never except anyone that purposely interfered with that time. If any of my family ended up in the hospital, I would want to be there in a heartbeat no matter what I was doing. If the situation was really bad I would probably ask Mon not to come and just be there for me later. I greive alone, but its nice to have someone to hold when your done crying. And Mon, you said TWDSO would have gotten mad or something if you said hello to your pets when you got home, I wouldve actually been dissappointed in you if you hadnt have taken the time to say hello to them. I love attention, but I no Im not the center of your universe, just a part of it.


Mon said...

I am an open book! That's me in a nutshell. I let people I trust into it. *ahem*..... I enjoy being open, and for people to be open with me. Of course, ALLLLL my secrets arent posted here on the internet. I still keep my private journals. Which, will self destruct if ever opened. LOL! j/k!

hot for jr. said...

If anyone wants access to the private journals, I can get it for you if the price is right. lol

WG - as Mon's older sister, I have to say that so far you have my stamp of approval!! Just keep making her happy and the family will let you stick around :-)

Mon said...

WTF is this all about? Price? you think that i wouldnt come back and read old comments? The price? Just remember my journals have everything. ahem. Ummm. Well, I got plenty of dirt on you too hot for jr....tread lightly.....tread lightly!! lol

The fam is tough. LOL!!