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Friday, July 15, 2005

The Packmule story is in here.....

It is Friday! First, I came to work, and the guy in my office w/me rearranged his area. It threw me for a loop! And, we got an extra $200 in our job #2 checks last night. Yea, EXTRA! For waiving our insurance! It was a suprise too! And, I got paid some overtime on my check from job #1. I am going to be out of the hole! Next pay, I can finally start saving!!!! Gee, it only took me working 2 jobs for 6 months! LOL! I blame TWDSO for ruining my plan. Which was, to work 2 jobs and live there cheap then skip town. I think he was on to me or something.

I'm working on the saga of Bubba's cell phone. This will be a Monday morning funny. Definately don't want to miss it. LOL! It will feature, Bubba's commentary.

I woke up not too happy today. I am well rested, but I was alone. Bleh. No WG last night. We got things to do, but I am still allowed to miss him!! I won't see him at work tonight cus he is going to the company picinic, and I am not going, cus it is while I am working away here. And, I'm not going to work tonight, cus I don't have to, and it's Friday!!!

WG wrote up Bubba twice at job #2. One we found last week, he said it was his writing, and he did it. It was for finger errors (how dumb is that to say?) And, we found another one in all her work crap last night.
Well, actually, I caught her cleaning out her bag, and shoving papers into my already messy purse, thats how it really went!!! So I said that looks like WG's writing.
She ripped it up and traced her hand and middle finger, and said
"This is what I think of your finger errors" and left it on his desk.
We laughed about it forever. We...are easily amused!! We were in pretty goofy moods at work. I was sick. I think just exhausted, but my body hurt, every part. I kept saying, "I don't FEEL good" you know, like Napoleon Dynamite. Which made us laugh at my not feeling well....so, the laughter helped. Bubba's good for a laugh.

My momma got another admirer. A guy at work said my mom is a very nice looking lady, and he see's where I get my looks. Actually, it was more like,
"Who is THAT?" while pointing to her picture.
If he weren't married, I'd be hooking them up, cus hes a nice guy! I dunno if he could handle the *packmule* though. LOL! Ohio guys are nicer Momma...I got contacts! I can hook YOU up!!! Please come home!!!! I might be getting a new bed! You can sleep on my 12 year old bed!!
Everyone says that about her though. I say, she gives me hope for gettin' old(er).

I'm going to visit my brother after work. He said they got the blood clot, and re-inflated his blood vessel. How painful does that sound? He also got a catheter, which he wasn't thrilled about! Hopefully he learns to take better care of himself. I can't do everything. I have had excellent blood pressure each Dr. visit. I don't want to start having problems due to stress!!!!

*The story of the packmule*

This isn't a really great story, just a history, cus we do call my momma the packmule. And it isnt cus she looks like one, or that she is stubborn. (which she could be, and if she were, I definatly wouldn't have inherited this trait from her at allllllll)
I think it was 1995, I went to Virginia Beach to visit my sister with Momma, and Bubba. We would park the car, and have to carry a ton of crap to the beach. Momma ended up carrying most of the stuff, cus that is just what Mom's do.

So finally, she just said, "what do I look like a packmule?" well, since you mentioned it.........

And it just stuck. Bubba and me laughed about it the entire trip. You know, Mom's, always have the big purse, zillions of keys and keychains, the nasal spray, a pill or a cure for anything, and the bug eye sunglasses, and the snot rags, and pens, and contact solution, nail files, nail polish, krazy glue, at LEAST $10 in change, etc.....so, since she already has that stuff, what's a few more things?

"Packmule, will you carry this in your purse?"

After a while, she just accepted her role as the packmule. Then she tried to mentor Bubba. She gave her a purse (from the salvation army) with a horse shoe in it when she abandoned us to move to South Carolina. She wrote a little tag out and everything and told Bubba it was her packmule training kit. Bubba doesn't seem to remember this at all, which means she no longer HAS her packmule training kit!
Packmule remembers this too Bubba, so that's 2 against 1! She also gave Bubba a big ceramic camel, that I think either my Aunt, or my Grandma made. It was from a nativity set. But all she gave Bubba, was the camel. ha ha ha ha ha. It's about 12" high, its a big camel! Bubba still has it. It is a family heirloom!

Momma tried to get 'packmule' on her liscence plates, but apparently, this is another term for a drug runner. They told her that at the BMV and she couldnt get it. Just to clarify, that while my mom may run, and carry *prescription* drugs on her person, she is not, in fact, a drug runner. She has a way harder job than that, and anyone who wants to whisk her away from her troubles, contact me! I'll hook you up! She's a fun person to hang with!

And now you know! And knowing, is half the battle!

Today's Question(s):

What turned out to be the most useful course you took in school?

Um, typing!! LOL! Seriously, I went to vocational school for Office Systems, and everything I learned in there, helps me every day.

Who is the person most similar to yourself in the world?



Anonymous said...

I remember the packmule purse! Heather, how can your forget this?!!! It was a jean purse I think. She got the horseshoe from somewhere and attached it to the purse. -Katrina

Mon said...

BUBBA! BUBBA! doesnt remember some things!

BUBBA said...

it's all coming back to me now. I'm going to search the basement for it! I know I wouldnt throw it out. I do know exactly where the camel is! He comes out for Xmas and sits under the tree! Thank you packmule for the wonderful gifts, I cherish them always. (:

Rachel said...

I guess we're talking high school? Chemistry--I work in a lab and I've never stopped using it.

My Mom.

hot for jr. said...

Bubba is a blonde, you know!! They tend to forget things. I'm just teasing you Bubba - you know we all love you!!

Most useful course would have been typing also, or the general business/accounting class.

Person most similar to myself? I don't know about that one. I used to think it was my friend Rhonda, but we've lost contact over the years. I couldn't tell you now. My personality can change daily so it depends on the day!!

JustDes said...

LOL....packmule...I LOVE IT....i'm stealing that one mon...

I have a confession.....I'm also a packmule....and i'm not even a mom yet. DAmn i'm going to look crazy when i have kids. IT's cool though...I can hang with your mom. Hell she probably won't drink my mixed drinks like that dang on bubba.....I still want you to hold down my "loot bag"...lol...

The Answer: I believe Art...I was an art major and i loooooveeee decorating. I'm an interior designer in my head! : )

My friend Fabi...It's scary how much we are alike...

Mon said...

Neodes: the packmule will steal your natural light, but not your mixed drinks, they make her pucker up. lol!!! She will be proud of you, that you already have the training course complete lol.