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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My Professional Beer/Music Review...

Today it is going to be around 100 degrees. I knew that we were living in hell, it's about time the weather caught up to us!! I have had it with this friggin heat! Nothing makes me go from 0 to bitch faster, than being hot. It is also, my #1 favorite thing to complain about. I'm hot. I'm hot. I'm hot. I know it doesn't help, but I am a woman, and if there is one thing I know about, its complaining!!
I don't want to even think about what my electric bill is going to be this month!! Well over $100 I am sure!
I closed my windows, and gave my bunny his frozen bottles. He was doing binkies this morning up and down my hall. He even chased one of the cats! He is getting back to his cutie poop self!

One more day at work. At least at my first job. Tomorrow night is 3 Doors Down/Breaking Benjamin/Staind. Deeer neeeeerrrrr! Rockon! I can't wait!!! I hope that hell on earth has passed by then, so that I am not sweating my nuts off at the concert. Unfortunatley where we are going, is outdoors, with the mosquitos. And, they only have Coors beer accessible. If you want real beer, you have to go down the big hill and risk breaking a foot by falling off your sandals!!! Have a couple beers and forget it! Plus, pay $6 bucks for a 16 ounce cup of shit beer. Not my type of place!!

Aside from my Edwin (twice so far this year thank you) this is my first concert of the year!! The new HOB is really nice!! You gotta drink canned beer there. It's totally unsophisticated, and lord knows, I am high-class baby!!

Normally, I go to a lot more concerts, and the festivals. I love them! Nothing like hearing your favorites live and in person. It also determines a true band to me. If you rock live, you rock! (this excludes Britney spears who does not rock, or rock live, and though she is my ultimate idol, and I will still pay $200 to see her, Madonna does not rock live...MUCH)

It's hard to get off work at my second job, and get paid! I will miss going to Rolling Rock Town Fair this year. Ho-hum. There is always next year!! All they serve at that one, is....Rolling Rock. Not only that, but they force you to stay inside this stupid fenced in area called the 'beer garden'.
There is no garden to it. It is a bunch of friggin drunks, fenced in on the hot black top, with no trees, or shade, and about 20 port a pots! You spend your time drinking your beer, which you have to do while holding 3 beers at a time, or you waste your time standing in line for beer. You do this, while waiting to pee. When your done, you go back into the line to wait to pee again, cus its inevitable! You pay all that money, travel to another state, and have to down nasty shit beer in between good bands. Otherwise, you pay to watch them on the big screen. No thanks! Oh - and pray it doesnt catch up to you til the end of the night. Rolling Rock = gut rot, and the craps!

13 Bests for me to see live? (cus it's a lucky number)

1) Edwin! Edwin melts my heart, and gives me goosebumps, makes me sweat, dance, gyrate, squeal... and he mesmerizes me....and that is about as close as you can get to prostitution, without actually doing the deed! (plus, we are getting married, and if I keep him at #1, he will love me even more)Always #1 to me!
2) Metallica. If you call them sell outs, you arent a true fan. They freaking ROCK hard live!!! Saw them twice. Summer Sanitarium....aside from the sunburn, was the best concert ever! Can you say pyrotechnics? Who uses them these days? METALLICA DOES!
3) Godsmack. Can't get bored at a Godsmack concert! They don't allow it!
4) Linkin Park, who suprised me by sounding just as kick ass live as they do on disc, even with all their mixing, and rapping, and sampling. Good job!
5) Limp Bizkit. Because Fred Durst did a round at the entire stadium at Ohio State, so we
all got to see him. 'Behind Blue Eyes'. And cus he dissed Britney Spears. You rock!
6) Staind. While still my #1 fave 'rock band' I only saw them twice, once at Rolling Rock. They stopped playing a few times due to all the mud throwing going on, and hitting the band. So, while they rocked, they sucked for stopping. Excellent vocals Aaron! uhhhhhhhh........
7) Disturbed. Disturbed is friggin' awesome! I saw them at a small venue (they had plastic bottled beer, totally acceptable) in Cleveland. It was like the opening scene in 'Blade' I thought everyone would turn into vampires and suck my blood, and rip me to shreds. But, bitchin time man!!!!
8) Stone Temple Pilots. Not really a fan, but they did put on a good show, if you like watching crackheads dance around for entertainment....which, I sure as shit do!
9) U2. Just cus we had awesome seats, and they had a great show. Not many concerts like that nowadays.
10)Mudvayne. I put them this low, only because when I saw them they didn't dress up in their freaky scary face paint and outfits. I missed out on the freakish part of their fame. But they were awesome!!
11)Outkast. Cus there was so much going on, to look at and laugh at. And, how many times can you hear, 'sorry miss jackson' and never get sick of it? Thats what I thought!
12) Dave Matthews. Also, not a fan. But this is the one and only concert I have attended indoors, where no one bitched at you for smoking illegally. I think in part, because of all the marijuana being smoked. They didn't care. It was a good crowd. But to me, he sucks. Couldn't understand a word he said. BOOOOORINGGG. I like to rock out at a show!
13) Drowning Pool. While they rocked - I saw them with the original singer. I can't give them a glowing review, until I see them live with the new guy. But they tore it up man! And...plastic beer bottles. The beer counts! It really does!

And Since I had all my faves, I have to give the worst!

Creed. I saw them in their hey day. I say they are the worst because it was at Cleveland State University, which is a shit place to see any concert. #1 they do not serve beer, its a college, and they do not serve beer. (if this is changed let me know!) and #2 the acoustics there really blow!!!! Yea, Scott Stapp was still HOT when we saw them. But, it's a shame what drugs can do to you! Such a shame!

This concludes my beer tour for today.

Today's Question:

What are your most/least favorite concerts?


Rachel said...

I actually get scared at concerts b/c of all the excited people. i'm afraid of getting smothered.

Mon said...

It happens too! I have been in some mosh pits! Not on purpose, you just get thrown in there, and then, hope some nice guy will help you get out before bashing you in the head with his sweaty body, or being knocked out with a random object. Bubba and Lawonda just had an incident at Rob Zombie! Got sucked into the pit! It can be scarey, especially if you arent dressed for it...SANDALS BUBBA! lol!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the Travis Tritt concert that you pee'd your pants didn't make the list!! Or the screaming cheetah wheelies!!

you know who

Mon said...

well, sitting in pee, isnt what i would call comfortable. Not to mention, we were, what, 15-16? That means I couldn't drink, and therefore, it can't make the list!! who didnt want travis tritts body back then? huh? lol!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dwight Yoakum was my favorite concert because with that hat and those tight pants, he made me beat up Bernice out of excitement and I lost my voice and stormed the stage just to get a picture. The least favorite was Loretta Lynn.. BORRRRRRRRRINGGGGGGGGG AND LONNNNNNNNNGGGG.. The most uncomfortable was Edwin at the Music Farm in SC because you had to stand shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of drunks who smashed their beer bottles on the floor, you had to inch your way past people who were afraid you were trying to take their standing spot just to get out for a smoke and breath of air.. Even xanax didn't make that one enjoyable.

Mon said...

momma, that is called FUN! its EDWIN for petes sake! EDWIN! Some day when he is your son in law, we'll get you back stage passes and you can enjoy the show from there. Only if I can fix your hair up real nice, and powder your face! lol!

hot for jr. said...

I can't believe the first Michael Stanley concert I took you to didn't make the list either. It was in your favorite spot, the Flats, and there was even fireworks. I think the list is fixed!!