"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wednesday Weigh In......

Ugh. So, I just weighed in. I gained a pound. BOOTY! At least it was just 1 pound. I am going to start my period any day. And I ate meat every day for the last 5 days. And aside from the physical labor I was forced to do, I have had no intentional exercise. So, all things considered, being down $1/1 pound isnt so bad. I told everyone, next week is a new week! I'm just trying to let them think that they have a chance to win. muh ah ah ah ahhhhh....
I gotta get back to it! I was doing good! I can get out of gaining 1 stupid pound! Me and Carmen have a hot date tonight!!

I am also, going to admit today, that I ate Taco Bell yesterday. I had been on a 3 month hiatus. I blame PMS. I have to blame something, other than weakness! lol! I had gone 3 months only having fast food 1 time, which was a McChicken...somewhat ok I guess!

I had a dream about TWDSO. I havn't had any dreams I remembered for a while. (I did dream about WG when I was in Columbus). Anyhoo, TWDSO read my blog in my dream. LOL. He wasn't very happy and we got into an arguement. I told him the truth hurts. Ha ha! Dreams are funny. I keep track of dreams that I can remember. Sometimes, their doozies!

My brother looks good. I went to see him after work yesterday. (4:30, yay!!!) He said they are hooking him up to the clot buster meds today and they don't think he will be in as long as he was the last time, almost 3 weeks. This one isn't as big. They also said they think his blood is thicker than most peoples. Must be a polish thing? Who knows! lol!

I got to spend day time with WG but all I wanted to do was sleep! I ended up falling asleep before the end of Big Brother!!!! So unlike me! But he got me reallllly relaxed, and I couldn't help myself!! He said I snored pretty good! lol! oops! That's me though. Long as he wasn't scared off!
I didn't want to waste my time with him sleeping, if I could I would hook up to him, maybe matrix style with all those tubes, and suck his life force! I don't mean in a bad way. But, you get the picture. MM HMM, not in a dirty way either, cus that sounds bad! People have dirty minds today! Or, maybe that is just me? (I'm innocent momma, you know me!) I can't say it enough that he just makes me "FEEL" good. I even have PMS and I havn't wanted to rip his head off yet. For me, this is a good sign! lol! (lets see if he runs for the hills now?)

One of our new Mgrs. is here today at work. I got to meet him in Columbus. He is a cutie poop. Yes, he is married with children, and he lives out of state, and I am spoken for, but I am still a woman and I have my own opinion!! It isn't just me that thinks so either. And it isn't like he is a stud muffin or anything, he is just so nice! And he helped us set up, unlike any of the other product managers, and he has a sense of humor. He did mens work! Bubba doesn't agree, but it's a good thing we have different taste in men. It's never been an issue with us. I tend to date assholes. Hopefully this has changed!

On another work note....I finally am relieved of my job doing pricing. My old mgr. is taking over it. I feel for her. But, I'm on to bigger and better things! We are going to revamp our website! I get to take some more HTML training. I am really excited to learn more about it. And, it makes me feel a little relieved to have something else to add to my resume. There has been talk around here forever about shutting down and moving to Florida. And we all know the economy isn't that great...Plants are not a necessity. Websites are!! How will I get to Australia when I have no job? Don't ask me!!!

And, finally. Old people. Now, I don't mean all old people, because there are some OK old folks out there. I just havn't met any. And the only reason I don't like old people, is because they need to be taken care of. This might not make sense, since I live to take care of my babies (furbabies) but it's true. I think I don't like them cus I fear getting old. (DUH) But, their slow, and have a sense of entitlement. (to name a few) I never claimed that I was a saint. This comes up from time to time. But I went to the hospital last night. There is an info desk, always manned by women, who are at LEAST in their 70's. (I'd venture to say 80's but I'm being nice) I stood there, in front of these 2 women, for a minute. I thought they were doing something and would help me in a minute. No. They were each reading a magazine. I said excuse me, 3 times, before I was acknowledged. She was really helpful, Edna at the hospital.

Today's Questions:
(since everyone has dirty minds today, here's a dirty one!)

What is the shortest amount of time between orgasms you have experienced?

It has been my experience, that if you are really having them, you have no idea, when, how, why, how many, or how often you have them, but you know for damn sure, that you feel good!!
If you take the time to count them, or think about them, poof! The moment is gone. (this is a hint for men to not say 'did you?' cus you ruin the moment!) But it's been pretty short from time to time. For those who cannot---> SUCKS TO BE YOU! (sorry)

What is the most meaningful compliment you have received?

I really appreciate when someone notices my character. If someone notices that I am responsible, hard working, or helpful, I love it. Recently, I have been told how well I handled leaving TWDSO. This means the most to me, because 5-6 years ago, I couldn't leave someone who hurt me on a daily basis. I had no self worth. For people to say I am strong, for doing what I did, makes me feel good, because I feel that myself, and that others notice it makes it that much better!


Rachel said...

#1. The shortest time between orgasms? Sometimes, they all stream together so there is no time between them. Kind of cool, if not a little weird. I don't question it.

#2. This guy I biked with out of the blue on a Bicycle Fun Club ride said, "You may be petite, but you're stronger than you look," as we battled a steep hill. That made me feel so good.

hot for jr. said...

The shortest time between orgasms? What kind of question is that to ask?? You're a bad girl! Sadly, they are not easy for me to achieve, but 1 time I remember it happening twice during the same 'session'. I have a great time trying to get there, but it doesn't always happen for me.

I can't think of an answer for the 2nd question.