"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, July 14, 2005

An End to my love affair with Energy drinks....

I think that my new found love of energy drinks is going to have to stop. I like them, they taste good. They are added calories I don't need...But they give me such a boost! I have resorted to such things as, mixing them with Mountain Dew. Rock Star energy and Mountain Dew Live Wire are the best combo. I started with an eye twitch last night, and now, sitting here staring at my computer, all I can think about is my twitching eye, as it throbs....and throbs...and throbs. From the moment I woke up til now. Nothing is helping it.

This happens to me when I have too much caffine. Keep in mind, I gave up caffine months ago. I would have 1 drink now and then. Latley I have had it daily. Yesterday, I had a cappucinno, and an amp energy drink! I am out of control!

So....as I sip on my Full Throttle, I will remember it fondly...you pick me up when I'm feeling down, turn my whole world upside down, give my heart and soul to you, to let you know this love is true.....(THAT was old school! Tommy Page!!!! memories of 8th grade cloud my mind! lol)

Time to try for some good old fashioned sleep, to get my energy. I know if I start exercising it'll come back! It has been 1 week today since I worked out. And, I can tell a huge difference. My muscles ache. And I feel BLAH!!!!!!

Bye bye caffine sniff sniff. I will miss you terribly!!!! Twitch....Twitch...


hot for jr. said...

Well sis, I know you are having a good time with WG, and I mean no disrespect to WG, but you need to not stay up all night with him. Get caught up on your sleep for a couple nights, then resume the activities you enjoy so much. Not only are you not sleeping, but your expending much of your energies on said activities.
I love my caffine too, but it's supposed to be used as a pick me up every now and then - not all day every day.
Love ya!!

Mon said...

That is the plan for tonight. We are sleeping!!!!!