"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, March 31, 2006

Thank God For Fridays!...

At job 1 there are times that I have to send out hundreds of letters. Which means copies, labels, sticking the labels, folding the letters...BLAH! Recently, I took a new age route. I used the Microsoft mail merge feature, and merged my muthafucking document into Email!!!!! It's the mail merge that puts in all your addresses, and the right info for each person and sends them off! I think it only works with Outlook, but what do I care?

Another technilogical study I have discovered, is with my TiVo. Normally, if it is recording 2 things, you have to either watch something recorded, or watch 1 of the shows recording at the time. Well it let me watch a third show while recording two others. Be jealous! I know you are!

On the real housewives of orange county last night, um, they shot rabbits. Was NOT happy about that at all! Rich people and their fucking GRASS. It's GRASS so what if bunnies eat it, it's a weed! They are doing you a service!

I had a fabulous night CP woke me up special bout 2am when he got home from work. Thought it might have been a dream. But it wasn't! Then, he called this morning to tell me he had to eat sandwiches with no mayonaise on them, cus I ate the mayonaise. *gasp* He uses it every day, but I ate it ALL by scraping the jar to get enough for 1 sandwich. And he had to suffer cus of it. Then he said it's no big deal, after he had already pissed me off. Well then why bring it up, if not just to be a dick? After I bought him bread for his fucking lunch, cus he ate the last of my special light wheat bread, to which I didn't say a word! He didnt mean to piss me off, but the fact is that he did. It's fucking mayonaise. GOD!

Thank the good Lord it's Friday! It's also pay day! But, it means nothing to me. I pay everyone else on the first so what's the difference?

Remember my prediction the other day, that I'd go to a psychic fair w/Kat this wknd? I am getting good, cus I AM going to a psychic fair w/Kat! I think I should take a table and give readings! There are some cool speeches going on, one on nothing being an accident. Which I really like, because I believe that there are no coincidences. It's also the anniversary of my Dad's death this wknd. Which is always a treat.

Spring is here! I took the plastic off the windows, and turned off the heat! Now, bring on the snow, I know it's inevitable!!!!


Tayray said...

I turned my heat off at the beginning of the week! Im ready to start sleeping with the window open!

Mamma said...

When I read that CP awoke you with a special treat and then the part about eating sandwiches without the mayo cuz he already ate it, I got it all WRONG..then understood when finished reading the rest of the story..Bad Bad Bad momma..Hey I just woke up okay>>>
Better the O.C. people shoot the bunnies for eating the grass than have them die a slow death from poison from the chemicals they use on their perfect lawns. Remember Sue Wasco and her last baby?? She cut the treated grass while pregnant..

Mon said...

momma: EUW! Thats all I have to say to that! And I dont remember her kids, just the ones I played with.

hot for jr. said...

A dirty mind runs in the family because I thought the same thing about the mayo for a minute. I was thinking - TMI!!!! Too Much Info

Mon said...

You guys are sick, am I really related to you? Mayonaise? Who the hell ever heard of using mayonaise??? Gross! What have you guys been doing????

supplymadam said...

CP couldn't leave a note about the mayo? Men are pains in the asses sometimes. My husband works till 2:00am,when I am really tired I leave a note to tell him don't start talking to me when you get home. Were you supposed to magically produce mayo at 2:00 am? geeez!
Poor rabbits.
Here's a litle joke.
A guy opens up the refrigerator to get something to drink in the middle of the night and sees a rabbit in there sleeping.
He says to the rabbit "Why are you sleeping in my refigerator"? The rabbit replies "I'm not sleeping,I westing,isn't this a Westinghouse"?


Rachel said...

So much going on! You always have lots to talk about. What's the deal with people not getting along with rabbits? People don't get pissed when birds eat the seeds off the flower heads in the garden. Or a hummingbird drinks nectar. What's so bad about cute little rabbits hopping around? I think people who shoot animals are sadistic and predestined to become serial killer-rapists. Just my opinion. Tell me about your psychic fair. I totally want to go to a psychic. A real one though. not a phony. P.S. Make CP go food shopping! Jeez.