"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, March 10, 2006

I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll Blow Your House Down...

Another week gone by, so sad, so sad. You get excited for the weekend to hurry up and get here, but do you ever stop to think that another week of your life is gone? Forever? It's kinda depressing, and you shouldn't listen to me! I can be like that.

I'm all better. I feel like a million bucks! Which leads me to ask...how does medicine know what's wrong with you? How does it know that my ear hurt like a mofo and my head was full of snot? I don't get it. And...that's why I'm working where I am, and not a rich Dr. It probably has something to do with math or science, and a big F-U to those subjects!

We are having a freaking wind storm today. Winds up to 50 mph. We might get blown away to Kansas. I feel bad for my little doggie, who gets blown over in high winds when she tries to poop. It's impossible not to laugh at her, but I can still feel bad! I'm glad the little pigs built our building out of brick! No wolf is going to blow that bitch down!

New rule at job #2 last night. We are no longer allowed to leave the premises on breaks. If we do, we have to clock out. If we clock out, we get an 'incident' which is the same as calling off for an entire night. If we want to leave on a break, we have to give 48 hours notice, and still clock out. So say, Monday, you can tell them that on Wednesday, you'd like to go get coffee. Or fill up your gas tank right across the freaking street! We're prisoners. As if working there wasn't bad enough on its own, now we can never leave. Talk about cracking down! Isn't that the gayest thing? We don't get paid, unless we are sitting at our desks, actually typing. So, what's their loss? Assholes!

I'm going to get my hair done tomorrow. Thank the good lord, as I have got some roots goin' on!!! Much to CP's dismay, I am in fact getting it cut. If he would like to get up every morning and style my hair.....nicely.....I might think about growing it out. Until then, he has no say so! I don't understand why men think think you have to have long hair. It's a freaking pain! I had hair damn near to my ass until I was 22. I'm over that shit! I have seen the light!

In true party animal fashion, I'm going to clean my house tonight. It's OK to be jealous of me, many people are. I have too much to get done tomorrow, and drinking with the gals to do in the afternoon, so I'll probably pass out early and never get my house clean. And, it needs it!

Today's Question:

What's a stupid rule you have at YOUR job?

at job 1 it's smoking outside. Not because it's a law, but because 1 bitch had to complain and complain and complain until they took our smoke room away. We could have had it another 2 years til they passed the smoking ban!


the blonde 1 said...

This is a stupid rule that only applies to me at work. I am only allowed in certain parts of our office b/c some people seem to think I am fooling around with another co-worker. It doesn't matter to them that I am married. They don't even allow him up in my part of the office b/c he may stop and talk to me. God forbid! It is a crime for a guy and a girl to be just friends and nothing more. I hate it!

MzAriez said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better.

At my job, I team teach social and mental health skills to teenagers. I have been unofficially designated as the "nice" teacher against my will. So, when we role play, guess who gets to be the victim???

Rachel said...

I can't eat in the lab. Or drink. At my old place, there were little "safe areas" that were designated "clean" and we could eat there. Environmental Health and Safety doesn't let us do that at the new place, and they are SO strict. Also, they moderate internet use and e-mail so I can't do anything from lab anymore. Anyway, I don't have my own office. My bench is my desk. I usually drink coffee while I work, and I can't do that now. I'm totally less productive! It sucks!