"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Taking My Act On The Road....

T-minus 12 days until Edwin's new CD comes out!!! I gotta get a jump on learning all the new songs for the concert, which is T-minus 37 days and counting!! Of course, I pre-ordered the freaking thing, so I won't get mine til AFTER it's officially out. But, it helps him more than buying it at Best Buy helps him.

I love to sing. I am not really good at it, you won't see me on American Idol, but that doesn't stop me. When I was younger, I use to tape songs on the radio, and write down all the words. I made it my mission in life, to memorize all the words, so I can sing along. I'd also spend time pretend interviewing myself, which is pretty embaressing, but true. I'd act like a superstar. Make up dances, and sing in the mirror. What happened to my plans of stardom? I'm actually shy...really, I am!

Remember, back in the day of cassette tapes, you use to have to rewind, to listen to a song again, and sometimes pass the song up, and have to fast forward. Rewind. Fast forward. So, to avoid that, I'd make an entire tape of the same song. Mainly, when I wanted to bawl my eyes out over some stupid boy who broke my heart, but you get the point.

I like my music loud. I think it's so I can belt out the songs, and not hear that I'm not singing along very well, cus my voice is drowned out. To me, I sound just like Madonna, or Christina. Or...yea, EDWIN! I'm very aware, that you look like a fucktard in the car singing to yourself. So, I often whip out my handy cell phone, for when I get stuck at red lights. I pretend to be talking on my cell phone, but what I'm really doing, is singing.

I imagine I am quite entertaining on the road. If a really catchy song comes on, I have car dances for them. "My humps", inspires the moving of my shoulders up and down, to the words 'my humps, my humps my humps my humps..' "California Dreamin" (by Dr Dre not the beach boys) calls for the gangsta hand bob. Something I am really feelin', for instance, "Back 2 That Hotel" requires hand gestures on all the important parts of the song, and the pretend horn honk at the appropriate time. If I'm in the mood for some Staind, or Disturbed of course, it's the 'not so banging' head bang.

I bet putting cameras in peoples cars would make for a really good reality show. Do you have any fun car rituals?

Everyone loves a slinky! I swear I will figure out why my videos look so shitty. But this is for my sissy.

*Bunny Update* Chelsea Bear feels better alright. I had to chase her around last night while she tried to get into everything, and sneak downstairs. And she played w/her slinky. Yay!*

It has to be said, Shakira was fucking HOT on American Idol. If I swung that way, I'd be swinging, OK?????!!! She has the moves, that's for damn sure!!!!

And if there are any people who are as big of LOST freaks as I am, this is a link to the diagram on the door last night.


theMike said...

There are two types of people in the world. People who sing loudly in their cars, and those that don't. I do.

supplymadam said...

Guilty! I also like to sing in the shower because I get some sound bouncing off the walls. My friend is big into karaokee. Maybe one day I will get up the guts after a couple of cocktails.
I missed Shakira on American Idol but she can sure move her hips like nothing I've ever seen. God bless her.
Chelsea is so cute with her slinky. AAWWWW!

hot for jr. said...

Chelsea is cute! But it was funny watching, because it was like she was thinking, 'fine mom. If I play with the thing will you leave me alone? I've got places to be' because she played for a second then took off to greener pastures. Or at least off to see what she had missing while she was locked away sick. You better start telling her about her auntie so she'll cuddle and play nice when I visit!!

Celina said...

oh, boy! do i remember the days of rew/stop/ff/rew/stop with the tape player! i also used to write down the words (& record the same song on a tape)! and, i can still name the boys who broke my heart whenever i hear one of "our songs!"

Mon said...

Mike: That makes you cool!
Supplymadam: She did an awesome belly dance the whole song.
JR:Chelsea is like a little dog, she will follow you and be jealous if you don't pay her attention. She'll love her Auntie!
Celina: I remember the stupid boys too! Funny how that works!