"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, March 17, 2006

Roll Out The Barrel....

I'm polish. You roll out the barrel for us. I dunno any fun Irish songs. Ah, Friday! And, St. Patty's Day! The two go hand in hand! Nevermind the next morning when you have green poop. TMI? Whatever, you know it happens!

What was I doing last St. Patty's? Hmmmm... Oh, yea, I got dumped after 4 years!!

Spring is coming! Daffodils are starting to push up in the back yard! The bunnies love spring, cus they get fresh herbs! I love spring, cus I don't have to buy a mass of veggies every week for them!! Everyone is happy! It doesn't look like anything I transplanted from TWDSO house has survived the winter. I think my ground cover has, but so far everything still looks dead. I won't know til I get out there and start cleaning it up though, so I can still hope!

Almost time for Fires, and tiki torches, and bug zappers! And, fun frozen drinks! I already got bit by the spring cleaning bug. Cleaned the walls in the laundry room and the floor. Does it make me anal that I cleaned the inside/outside of my washer and dryer? I spent a lot of money on them, might as well look nice! I cleaned the downstairs baseboards, and the hair that gets caught in the carpet right along the baseboards, that the sweeper never gets. Maybe that's just my house, cus of all my pets? I can't wait to get a nice breezy Saturday, to open all the windows, and wipe down all the walls. Everything CLEAN! I'd love to know if I was having some company coming in May..*ahem* It might motivate me a lot more.

I got off job 2 early again last night. My pay is gonna suck but you know after a year and 2 months of working 60 hours, it's nice to have a break this month, and I'll get over being poor!

I think my bunny Boo's has Irregular stool syndrome. He's gotta go to the vet next week. He is eating and drinking, but he has odd poop latley. That's the tell-tale for non-bunny people. The secret is all in the poop. That, and he's been lunging at my poor little Chelsea bunny, who does nothing but kiss his big mean head and hes a grouch to her!

I'm going out for green beer tonight! I am hoping to meet up w/Tayray and Bethie and the crew after I get off of work, but they are all off today and will possibly be passed out by that time. If so, it's off to the trusty Beir Haus.

I think those allergy pills have suppressed my appetite. Not that I'm complaining. It's a nice bonus. You have to take them on an empty stomach. But, I can breathe and I don't sneeze constantly at work! Anyone watch Desperate Housewives? Hopefully I don't end up like Bree and pass out in the front yard from mixing alchohol with my antihistimines. Cuz, I might just have to dump them in the sink to avoid that in the future.....

Hopefully, my cats lay off the suds while I'm away!

Today's Question:

What's a favorite holiday memory?


hot for jr. said...

*AHEM* I would love to come up in May, but we'll have to see about the money situation cuz I'll have to rent a car. I'll have to start pricing them and see how much I'll need. It will be nice - as long as the weather is good. Tell Mother Nature she better be good if I make the trip so I can enjoy a good fire and some tiki torches!!!

Charlie Mc said...

have a great time today! :)

Rachel said...

Poor bunny-boo. No green beer for him! I hope he feels better. How's he eating? Is he eating enough hay? Enough fiber?