"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Who Has What?...

Saturday I spent 6 hours cleaning, and that wasn't a bit fun. I met Kat and Bubba for dinner at the Outback. We waited an hour and 45 minutes, then had shitty service and didn't even tip our waiter. Cus he sucked. I don't even feel bad. No smoking. Stupid fucking smoking ban in that county. GAY!

We went to the Pet's Pajamas, where I just had to go and fall in love with a freaking dog I don't need. A Yorkipoo. He had a fat little belly and hopped around like a grasshopper! I was moved to near tears over the stupid thing! Like I need another pet? No, but I think my next dog will be a yorkipoo. I don't know much about the breed though, and I did promise myself in light of all my dog's health issues, to fully investigate my next breed before buying. *sigh* Just call me Noah. I'll start the ark.

Then, the movie. Bubba said she cried forever after she saw 'The Hills Have Eyes'. I saw the original, and, personally consider myself unshakeable, and I love me some scarey, disturbing movies. The only movie that ever irked me was Event Horizon. I don't even know why, it was just evil. So, me and Kat went and said things like Shit. Fuck. Holey Crap. What the hell? OMG! Jesus!

It was a good one. I'm into that sorta thing though, and I imagine it really isn't for the faint of heart. There were a couple things that happened that were just sick, and I don't mean gorey, cus there was that too. But some stuff was just wrong! But mostly, I'd say the movie was stressful, more than it was scarey. I get that edgy, panicked feeling when I watch something, and don't know what will happen. Shaking the leg, twiddling the fingers. So at one point, everyone had to laugh, because you just got so keyed up.

It made me want a big dog....I don't think Little Billy would be a match for the mutants, if I were to ever be stranded in the desert, after taking a dirt road some stupid redneck told me to take, where the mutants in the hills would watch me. When me and Kat came home, she said she bet Rocky Road would protect us from the mutants. Cus he was barking at us. Yea, I think he'd be a good match!

I also had 2 nightmares, and had to get out of bed, smoke, and tell myself it was just a dream. If you like that shit too, then go out and see it! I can't wait to add this flick to my extensive horror DVD collection!!! I'd even pay another $7 to see it again!

*sidenote: the dad in the movie has the same freaking unmistakeable voice of the serial killer/transvestite in Silence of the Lambs. (it puts the lotion on the skin, or else it gets the hose again)

*BTW I looked up the actors, and it WAS the freak wild bill from silence of the lambs! That voice is unmistakeable! Creep-o-philia!

So, what's your favorite scarey movie? I can't pick a favorite, cus I like too many, and there is different types of scarey. So if we're talking classic horror, then it's Texas Chainsaw Massacre. New, and old. I like the new one better of course.

For the creep factor, it's gotta be the original Amityville. Cus when I was little it scared the living shit out of me.

For a psychological thrill, it's either Signs, or The Others. I fucking hate aliens, and ghosts scare me too.

Classics? The Nightmare on Elm Street's win hands down. The best of course, being Freddy Vs. Jason. I hear there is another one in the works. At least, there is another Friday The 13th, that much I do know. It was in my Entertainment Weekly!!!!


Celina said...

I also like scary movies, but The Hills Have Eyes just made me feel "yukky." (like that sick-in-your-stomach, on the verge of barfing, kind of "yukky.) We almost walked out.
I love "psychological thrillers," but wish there was a way to erase the memory of watching them, b/c they're never as good when you know what's gonna happen!

Mon said...

Celina: That's worth the $7 if you ask me! lol!

Rachel said...

i love scary movies. ghost ones are the best. I totally have to see "The Hills" now. The Ring was totally freaky to me. Silence of the Lambs is a classic. Hmmmm. Emily Rose was pretty freaky just b/c the devil is freaky. I mean...c'mon! I liked Saw but it was more of a thriller.