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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's The Little Things....

So yesterday I had to call the vet first thing in the morning. The exotic vet, for Chelsea. When they put me on hold, I had to listen to parrots, monkies, elephants, something that sounded like a pig, and various other squeals and chirps. It was pretty disturbing. Whoever thought that would make a nice hold melody, was dead wrong! It startled me at first!

Anyhoo, I had to report that Chelsea has not pooped for days. I've been on poop patrol. Wishing, and hoping, for poop. Calling CP during the day, poop yet? Any poop? Is she up? Is she moving? How's her belly sound? I spent 20 minutes twice last night, laying her on her back and rubbing her belly to break up her gas bubbles, I could feel them! She was uncomfortable and bloated. It actually worked! She looked noticeably different, she did her happy bunny shake, and started hopping around! She went right for her litter box, peed, and FARTED! I produced my first bunny fart! Give me an award!!!!

Is this my payback, for my mom having to take care of me after I ate fuzzy blankets? (long story....me and my brother use to eat fuzzies off our blankets, they were freaking good, ok? That's all I can say! You imagine what that did to our digestive tract)

Or for the poison control incident, when my brother O D'd us on flintstone vitamins? I swear I was a good kid, so why am I being tested with the bunny not pooping?

She has until tomorrow til the vet wants her to come back. She's gotten some poops out last night! Success! It's the little victories that count! Reason #456,903,125 not to have children. Rabbit poop patrol is bad enough.

Since I'm a Mom, that's all that is going on with me, my sick kid. I think nursing them through illnesses, bonds you closer. I bonded with my precious fizzgig when she almost died. Now we're inseperable. I'm on my way with Chelsea now. It'll hurt that much more when they die. I'm so optomisitic!! Oh, last night my supervisor at job #2 said she was glad to see I had my engagement ring on, she didn't see it on Friday and thought something happened. I knew people would think that! She is friends w/CP, so she was concerned.

Have you had to nurse a sick pet? Some people don't have the stomach for it. (mom)


hot for jr. said...

I haven't sick pets like you've had, but I've had kitties with urinary tract infections and upper respitory infections.
Mom thinks it's gross to clean up hair balls, wipe the kitties eyes or butts. I told her to us pet people, they are our kids - I said you did more for us, but she doesn't get it!!
****by the way. In case anyone was wondering about Jr. this year. He has quietly worked his way up to 6th in points. I'm VERY upset that the media and the reporters at the races are not making a bigger deal over him this year. DALE JR ROCKS!!!! GO DRIVER 8****

theMike said...

We have a rabbit as well, but it's only the cats who we've had to nurse. Our house became an animal hospital for two weeks, having to disinfect everything and keeping the 3 seperated.

Celina said...

Glad the baby is feeling better! Oh, I could go on & on about all the times I had to "nurse" my pets (cats, dogs, and even a bird). Most memorable: My cat of 7 years, Pistol, was a BIG, STRONG guy. We took him to the vet for all his checkups, shots, etc. One day (my sophomore year at college), he just stopped eating and drinking. Mom waited a day, then took him to the emergency vet. They said that he was diabetic & his blood sugar was SO HIGH they couldn't believe that he was still alive! Overnight they did several tests and told us that if we wanted to "keep" him, we'd have to give him daily shots (just like human diabetics). He was such a big part of the family that my parents agreed that we'd at least try it (they aren't really cat people, he was mostly MY cat). Well, we never had to worry about that, because the next day he passed away. And, I was at school 4 hours away and couldn't even go down there to see him!
That day, mom went to the vet where we took him & cussed them out (in front of a LOT of customers/patients) and blamed them for letting him die! Seriously, how could they NOT have noticed that? Even the vets at the emergency clinic were shocked that we didn't know!

Rachel said...

hope she's feeling better. babs and oscar have both had gastric stasis. Oscar had it really bad one night. I have no problems nursing a sick pet. I used to have a horse. When George or Topper got sick, I'd be at the barn with them, all night, monitoring their temperature, cold hosing them, babying them. I get so worried I can't sleep. With Oscar, I stayed up with him all night, force feeding him canned pumpkin and water through a 10 cc syringe until the vet's office opened the next day.

Mon said...

JR: You are hopelessly in love with that man. Yes, they are our babies!
Mike: Another bunny person!
Celina: Go mom! A woman after my own heart!
Rachel: I did that for Chelsea too with the syringe and water, it worked to get her moving again!!

supplymadam said...

Linked you from Bored at the Beach so I was Blog surfing and I can't believe todays post.Because as I am typing this I am waiting for my dog's tranquilizers to kick in so that we can carry him off to the vet. He has issues with the vet. I hate to do this to him but unfortunatley it's either that or he never goes. Poor little guy. I am a sucker when it comes to the animals. Last year the dog I had for 10 years had to have emergency surgery on Easter because he had a tumor that had burst and they had to put him down because it had spread to his liver. He was running around and eating that morning and showed no signs until he went off in a corner and started shaking. I also had another dog with a heart condition the was on medication for a year until she got so bad that she was having trouble breathing. We are gluttons for punishment aren't we?

Mon said...

Supplymadam: Ahh, that is so sad! Hope your doggie is OK! I'm a big time sucker too! It's harder w/pets I think because they can't tell you what's wrong! But they are totally worth it!!

supplymadam said...

He's home now. It was for his yearly checkup and his nails cut and a little trim. He's sleeping it off now and now I need a nap.
He wasn't liking anyone there so I had to get him out of the cage and when he saw me he was so happy. I think he had a bad experience before we got him. He has to be handled with kid gloves.
Even with the tranquilzers he wasn't cooperating so they had to totally put him out which we knew might be a possibility.