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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bunny Update!...

Chelsea is with her mommy at work, resting peacefully. Daddy is coming to pick her up to take her home soon. She went to the vet, and they suspect pasteurella. I opted to not have a culture done this time, due to the cost already being $144. She is not going to be happy that she can't snuggle with her husbun Boo's, but he's been a meanie to her anyways. She had her tear ducts flushed, her butt shaved, and her ears cleaned. She'll take antibiotics in her eyes, and by mouth for 10 days, along with another medication to keep her good gut bacteria in check. She isn't so bad that she won't eat so she very well can get better. It doesn't have to be a death wish, so keep little Chelsea bear in your thoughts. She's my baby!

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Celina said...

Aww Poor Baby! Hope she gets better soon! I always hate it when one of "the kids" is sick! Hope you're feeling better, too!
It's a good thing you found your diamond--last month, I lost one of the earrings I got for Christmas a few years ago, and I know I'll never hear the end of it!!