"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, March 24, 2006

Back To The Salt Mines....

I get my ring back today/tonight. I hope I like it, because they put it on a different band. I preferred the one that I had, it was 'tiffany'. Not "tiffany" but that style. I loved it! But my diamond won't sit as high, so it is less likely to get messed up or banged on anything. *sigh* Of course CP didn't ask me if I was OK with that, but I said I wouldn't know until I saw it. They will put it back in the old setting if I don't approve.

What if they put a fake diamond in it? I saw that shit on TV before. They would laser ID marks onto diamonds, take jewelry in for repair, and get back a different diamond!!! My sister said cubic zirconia turned a different color in a tanning bed, but my fake ring I've been wearing in place of my engagement ring, looks fine n dandy in there.

Well Chelsea is looking a little better. It breaks my heart to keep her and Boo's apart, cus they are snugglebunnies. I feel like such a meanie. It's for their own safety/health, but they don't know that. How do parents do it? Reason #345,671,234 not to have children. They make you feel guilty. I do that enough to myself. Like, how could I call off BOTH jobs for TWO days??? I feel guilty! I'm not allowed to be sick! To be sick is to show weakness!

I havn't been that damn sick in a long time!

One thing I have concluded, no more pets for me! Of course, I do not mean EVER, cus I couldn't live w/o the furry greatness of pets. But, my cats are all getting up there, one is 9, one is 7, and two are 6. My dog is 10. And my bunnies, nobody knows for sure how old they are but they are "about" 2 years old each, which is sadly around middle age for bunnies.

It's getting to the point where they are all requiring more than their 'regular' vet maintenance, and getting different illnesses, and costing me a fortune. And it's too hard to see them go. I have seven pets, so that's seven more times my heart will break.

Gee, aren't I a ray of fucking sunshine? I went to work today. My coworker and boss are not working today. So I showed up for nothing I guess. Don't wanna lose any more vacation time though. Plus, I got to wear my cute new K-Swiss I got last weekend. Always incentive to go to work. New clothes!!!! I got paid from Job #2. Um, it's less than half of what I normally bring home. This. Sucks. Ass!!!!!

I'm working on inventing something. American Inventor has inspired me. It'll be better than bullet ball though, that's for sure. (you would have had to watch the show to fully understand bullet ball, which is just that football game you played in school on the table, only, with a ball) I'll reveal this when I am ready, and I have a patent. I know how shady people can be!

The stupid thing about the show is there is 3 men and 1 woman judge. Half the ideas are for making women's lives easier, and what the fuck do men know about that?


Useless Man said...

Is it just me, or does it look like every inventor is about to make that lady cry?

Great show though. And thanks for sharing all the other stuff too. Hope you are feeling better.

Mon said...

A new person! Yay!!She does seem to be a bit emotional! It is a good show!