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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Back When I Was Young...(For Tayray)

So, I'm 30. Who cares? Except that my 24 (soon to be 25) yr old friend TAYRAY thinks it's funny to kickit on us for being OLD, as if she is never going to turn 30? Know what the best part is? We will know the secret of life before you, so eat that! I remember when 30 was old. But it isn't!

I have to deal with "Let's go out, don't act old" (which to me says "I know you have to get up and work 13 hours tomorrow but do you want to go out drinking after you get off work at 9 and already worked 13 hours?")

You. Just. Wait! Back when I was young, I did that shit. Man, I might have even invented half of it, ok? I did the making fun of my older friends cus they couldn't hang. I remember calling my sister old when she was 21! 21!!! I Never thought I'd be one to pass up a night out, but here I am! Passing 'em up all the time! I have kids at home that are neglected all week, and I find it hard to leave them on the weekends. They fucking love me!

Back when I was young, I'd stay up til 3 and 4 am, go to work at 7 and sleep at my desk til Bubba came in at 8. Sure, I got fired, but it wasn't for drinking, or sleeping at my desk. I didn't get caught. It was cus they were assholes. (*cough* bankone*cough*) I use to live at the bar. I was at the bar more than I was at home. And the rowdy friends I had (well one in particular) got us kicked out of our every day hang out. Why? Cus we were that much of a muthafucking party!

When I was 25.....I had already been to the bottom of my rope, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, FIRED!, reposession, my dad died! So, it didn't much bother me that I was living in an apt. that I couldn't really afford. In a shitty neighborhood, with dicks for neighbors. Who cares that I was into cash advance for an entire paycheck each month? So what if I couldn't afford food? That's why the good lord invented ramon noodles, and generic Mac and Cheese. I had beer! I had cable!! I had electric! I learned the art of paying 1/2 a bill before they threatened to revoke whatever service it was. Therefore, not having to pay monthly bills to everyone. And I didn't have no man to answer to!

So, I didn't have money to do much, I had $10 bucks a wknd to go out. Not having money to eat was a blessing in disguise, cus every single poor person knows, thats the best way to get drunk. (and puke your guts out all night/the next day cus you drank on an empty stomach)

So what if I had to get a peice of shit car from a buy here pay here, that I paid way too much for, that someone busted the window out of, And I had to drive it with snow in the backseat, I had a car didn't I?

I spent my hung over Sundays watching Lifetime movies. Did anyone bitch at me? NO! Sometimes I'd get right back out there and drink again! PAR TEE!

The point is. We all have ideas of what we want our lives to be like by a certain age. But then you get caught up more in the dream, than the reality, and settle for people you normally wouldn't give the time of day to. Those days were the best times of my life. I was a free bird. And I loved almost every minute of it. I did what I wanted, talked to whomever I pleased, went out with my friends any time I felt like it, and answered to no one! I was livin' it up, and not thinking twice about it!

I also work a lot, so I blame most of my not being 'able' to kickit on that. I wouldn't be so freakign tired if I worked 1 job. So, re-match hoochay, I'll catch you in May when I'm free from working! Then we'll see who you wanna call OLD!

*Then I met TWDSO who washed away all my fun-ness for 4 years, and I am slowly making a come back.

Today's Question:

What was your favorite time 'when you were young'?


Tayray said...

I am young. Exactly three months and one week until Im 25. ( not that Im counting )
The most favorite time is RIGHT NOW! I enjoy living on my own, drinking every night, coming to work hung over and doing at 10 am on Saturdays! That's me, no one to say ' you drink to much' 'you're not going to live to see 25' I enjoy living on my own, but sometimes want a roommate cuz it gets lonely. So all in all, I'd say Im having the time of my life right now!
And your not old, just OLDer! I'll be there someday.
And put some fritos in those ramon noodles, adds just a smidge more flavor! ha ha

Celina said...

You're So Cool! I never got much into partying. In fact, I probably only "go out" drinking once every other month! How boring is that?! But, when I do "go out," I go ALL out (Got to take advantage of free drinks & an empty stomach)! I'm happy with my life, and happy with the decisions I've made, even if I am an "Old Lady" at 24 years, 10 months!

Rachel said...

I like the age I am--28. Jason just turned 30. You're still young, by the way! I like feeling old enough to give younger people advice (a.k.a. boss them around and tell them what to do). I have noticed more sleep issues in the past year. And more gray hair. And stretch marks. What the f..k?