"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh, Give Me a Home, Where the Buffalo Roam....

...And Little Hill, and Rocky Road play......those stooges were too interested in each other this morning to go potty. I'm telling you, my dog was totally laughing at Tayray's dog, cus he was running around like a damn fool in circles, and sticking his butt up in the air while they sniffed noses. She just observed. She thinks he's totally immature.

I got off job 2 at 7. Two hours early. Yeee haaaa! It's fun being slow at work, but, my next 2 paychecks aren't going to be so much fun! I also have to think about quitting in a month. Ugh!

On my way home, I come the back roads. I guess I live in what some people would consider 'the sticks', because there is a lot of land. Right before I get to the main road, a freaking deer ran in front of me. I'm always on the lookout for the mofo's cus it's one of my fears. Hitting a deer can total your car, and even kill you! I saw it's eyes and knew it was coming so I turned away from the deer into the other lane. And, I know it's hard to believe, but that fucker got that 'deer in headlights look' and stared at me. She turned around and went back the way she came, ummmm, hellooooo, right in front of my car...AGAIN!

I'm playing back and forth with a deer, at 55 mph! I was almost stopped before she decided it may be a good idea to get the hell off of the road for the night. DAMN! Then, around the time I would have gotten home, at 9:30 we heard all sorts of sirens and fire trucks. I hope someone else didn't hit the deer. But it's funny how things work. I was safe and sound at home, and not out on the streets!

So, yea, money. So, I figure, I'll be fine just don't spend anything foolishly this pay to make up for my next 2 checks being short. I was going to go to the library since I never have time to do that during the week and I'm on my last audiobook.

What do you think I did on my night off? Oh, I ran to Hallmark, and spent $60. I went to only spend $20 on 1 Yankee Candle, but they had a 25% off sale. So, I ended up getting two. But one was $5 off. And, then....I sorta had to get refills for 4 of my plug ins, and Yankee has 2 packs now of the refills....what would YOU do? I will say I'm quite happy with my new fragrance. I got Cherry Lemonade. YUMMMM! I always have French Vanilla, and Buttercream. So, I wanted something new. I also got a Fresh Comfort cus it was on clearance, remember? My plug-in's are normally French Vanilla, but this time I tried Macintosh Apple.

It be smelling goooood up in my crib Oh K? Candles are my weakness. I dunno, I can't stand not having them burning. And, if your going to burn candles, who the fuck wants to smell burning wax? So, I gotta get the good kind! And by good I mean Yankee, I don't like anything else. I have a bad sniffer, I can't smell much. I even gotta have the Yankee car oils, I don't like the glade scents. I seriously get bummed if they discontinue a scent that I love. I save my jars, and use them for stuff. I save every smidge of wax from my burned candles, and I re-use them in my tart warmers. Wanna buy me something? Candles. Obsessed. That's me! But, only if it's Yankee! (they can pay me for that stellar sales pitch now) I should buy some stock in them!

Is Yankee a worldwide company? Is it just a "Northern" thing? Accept no imitations! I'm off to browse the clearance on their site now, cus it's clearance!

Today's Question:

What can't you pass up on buying?


hot for jr. said...

CANDLES!!!!! It must be a sibling thing cuz mom hates it when I spend money on them. 'Don't you have enough'?!! NEVER. Also, if I go to the Metaphysical store down the street, I always buy something. A stone, a book, a candle. I guess it makes me feel more spiritual at the moment I'm buying something.

Tayray said...

Yankee candles, huh? I still have my PB candle from them. Its burnt down so far, that I can't light it anymore, but there is still candle in it! Im not crazy about candles, because I always fall asleep with them light. ( good to know since you live right next door )
If I had extra money to buy stuff, I'd say dog toys, Rocky always needs a new one, clothes, shoes, and beer.
And as for those sirens you heard, that's an every night thing. Happens atleast 4 times a week!!

Rachel said...

i buy so many things. i'm sort of a shopaholic. my mom taught me, "when in doubt, buy both."
I can't resist buying:
a) clothes
b) bunny toys
c) triathlon gear
d) books & magazines
e) gourmet, healthy food
f) lattes

Mon said...

JR: candles create peace! and they smell purdy!
Tayray: Yea, you and your 5 year old pbutter candle that was discontinued in like 1998. Bite it!
Rachel: I think pet toys should be considered gifts, since they enjoy them, and gift giving is a good thing.