"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Week Starts With A Bang...

It's Monday. It started out fabulous, I got an email saying they shipped my new Edwin T-shirt, and CD today!!! The album comes out the 11th and I will get it a few days early! Yay Me! Then, it's CP's pay day so I checked his account to see he only made 1/2 of what he needed to make. It would be nice to have him make a SALARY vs. comission so we can you know, plan our freaking lives accordingly. It makes me sick!! I bust my ass working 2 jobs, and it seems we are getting nowhere!

I am sooo tired of money. Who ever invented the fucking concept of money to begin with? Why can't we all be equal and happy? Like how the future was suppose to be, according to the movies? We all wear the same clothes, and pass the pipe, and eat space food? Free sex and love wherever you go? What about that?

My great wknd plans consisted of eating too much food, and cleaning the house. I mean, I cleaned the sink handles with a toothbrush, that kind of freaking cleaning. Took apart the bunny condo and cleaned everything. The buns moved back in together, after a little scuffel Friday night, they are back in love.

I got the letters to spell out 'DREAM' for my bedroom wall and painted them, and 3 shelves. That is what work bought me for coming in for 5 years straight. I really like them. Tayray lured us over under false pretenses, she had to 'show' me something. Then made us do this disgusting shot, which she acted all cool about, until she tried to talk, and her eyes watered. 151 Bacardi. Talk about fucking disgusting. I just finished eating a turkey burger and smiley fries, and she made me do that nasty shit! We stayed for a beer, at which time my gut felt toxic, and I didn't feel right the rest of the night. Not doing that shit again!

Went to Bethie's little girl's first birthday. It was pretty funny to watch her demolish her cake. That girl made out like a bandit! She got all kinds of stylin' outfits, complete with matching sandals!!! Bethie saw my ex husband this wknd at a party. Small freaking world. He classicly introduced himself by first and last name, which is totally him. She told him that we're friends and we work together, and that I'm happily engaged and he said he was happy for me. Glad I didn't have to see him! That's for damn sure! It makes me nervous! But I give her props for at least tellin him someone is going to marry me. It only took damn near 10 years, but hey, you gotta take your time to find the right one, right?

I definatley have PMS. I want to rip out my hair today, and never eat again. On top of that, yesterday, I got fed up with my sweeper, that I have to shove a cat toy in to clean out each time I sweep (don't ever buy a hoover wind tunnel they blow, note blow, not suck!) to clean out the shit that didnt suck all the way up. So, I took it into the living room, and literally threw it across the room, and it broke into a few peices. BANG! Scared the shit out of CP. He's only witnessed my psychotic PMS rage once before. When I kicked a hole in the wall. Poor guy. I seriously think I suffer from that severe PMS thing. Cus I get a little nutty. Maybe if I weren't so overwhelmed with shit to do, I wouldn't get that way? Maybe I don't care cus it feel nice?

My sister made me do this. I hate NASCAR! She bribed me with promises of coming to visit me, so when she bails, lets all remember I sacrificed my reputation for her, OK? She said Dale Jr. placed 4th yesterday in some dumb race even though his car was smashed up. He was like the energizer bunny.
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Let me say for the Momma, that it looks like Jeff is hot on his trail. (that's moms guy)


Tayray said...

The 151 was disgusting, it was the first time I have ever drank that. I will def be stinking to tequila. We drank almost the whole bottle and once I got a buzz it made me in a fiesty mood. I wanted to go knock someone out!

Mon said...

Damn, glad I went home! lol! Note to self, 151 makes Tayray mean.

hot for jr. said...

DALE JR RULES!!!!!! Jeff did finish 2nd, Dale finished 4th, but after falling all the way back to 40th at one point, that's damn good!! He is THE MAN!!!! Anyone that can drive a car looking like that back up to the front of the pack a couple times, is worthy of a championship. Oh, and by the way, Jr. doesn't resort to pushing other drivers when things don't go his way like Jeff does!!

Rachel said...

I agree. Money sucks. So does PMS. Especially when it sneaks up on you and you get all pissed off, and you don't know why.

supplymadam said...

So many comments so little time.
Yeah money sucks I agree. Still waiting for my lotto #'s to come in.
Kid's today sure make out good at birthdays. I remember getting a doll and 1 or 2 outfits,maybe a book. Christmas was the best. Ice skates or a bike. My friend's nephew who is 10 got for Christmas a plasma TV. A digital camera. A CD player and 500.00. Yes is an only child. These were combined gifts from relatives but still. What's next a Beamer?
PMS-don't even get me started.
Took me all day to clean Saturday. I didn't want to do it but after 3 weekends of not doing it I had no choice.
I never got car racing. I guess the only excitment would be if I were the one driving.