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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Curiosity Killed The Cat(s)....

Is it just my cats, or does everyone else have this problem?

Your sitting on the toilet, minding your own business, and the cat's push open the door and circle your legs. If this goes unnoticed, they flop over and insist that I rub their bellies. If that goes unnoticed, they jump on the tub, and crawl between the shower curtain and liner, where they make their way to my lap and knead their paws vigorously on my naked legs.

Think it's cute? My cat's are not declawed. Imagine.

I scream, push them off, and the whole thing starts again, and by that time, there is another cat or two in the mix.

I don't make a point to follow them to their shitter, why do they feel the need to investigate me? Is it because I'm crapping in their watering hole? Do they think the bathroom is the gateway to a new, mysterious world? Will I go in there, and never, ever come back again? Am I hiding the whisker lickin's in there? Do I harvest the cat nip while behind closed doors? Do I have a secret cat stashed away that I might give 2 seconds of attention to while I'm doing my business? What?

If I decide I want more privacy and push the door all the way closed, they scratch the outside of it, and cry.... as if I am tearing their hearts out with a spoon!!

Add this as reason #457,895,127 why I don't want kids. I get enough harassment with 4 cats.


Rachel said...

My buns always have to come and see what's going on when I'm on the pot. What's up with that? I don't have a treat for them, that's for sure!

Tayray said...

Bullwinkle and Rocky Road follow me everywhere, including to the pisser! The cat lays in front of me and rolls around the floor, the door just lays there and looks at me. They do it when Im in the shower, but sometimes Rocky tries to jump in the shower with me!

hot for jr. said...

My kitties do the same thing. I think it's because they know you'll be a captive audience and have no choice but to give them attention. If they plop down on the floor in front of you, the odds are 99.9% that you will show them affection for being so cute.

Celina said...

Glad to hear this from y'all, cuz mine do it, too! Drives me nuts! The big one has even gotten up the nerve to jump In My Lap a few times!