"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cancel That A.P.B...

I'm alive and well. Thanks to everyone for their concern. Geez, you'd think I have no right to a day off once in a while?!! Kidding, kidding. The computer was packed up with much of the man's things from over the weekend.

Yesterday was just one of those every day things, like, when your brake line leaks all the brake fluid out, and you can't stop your car. I had to run CP to get it fixed, and we spent the day together. Talking, he made us yummy breakfast, but mostly we talked. I found some more things out. He went to some meetings, and met some good people. It was really nice of them to take time out of their lives to 'come to his rescue' when no one else seemed to care if he got help. He's told just about everyone he can tell that he has a problem. Which, is hard to do, so I have to commend him for that. 5 days. So far, so good. We're taking it as it comes. I will say, that it is nice to feel close with him again. Lies tear you apart.

This weekend we had the worst storm, clashing, pounding thunder. My dog HATES thunder. It terrifies her. So, the dog who ignores me, turns into mommies sweet little baby in the storm. She likes to be held just like you burp a baby, and she shakes violently, until I soothe her and tell her it's ok. I'm a damn good mom! I even went out into the pouring rain with her, with a candle, because our power went out, and she can't see with her bad eyes. Is that love, or what?

Monday, it was almost 70 degrees. Yesterday, and today? Snow! God I love Ohio! Variety is the spice of life! I'm mentally exhausted. Life has a way of taking it out of you! I was walking into job #2 last night, and trying to put a paper into my bag, with both hands full. I had coffee, my boombox, my purse, my bag, and BAM! I ran face first into a freaking handicapped parking sign pole!!!!! Face first. I hit my face, in broad daylight in front of people. And I'm not the one on drugs, OK?

Ah, yes, I forgot CP's ex wife called me. She thanked me for sticking it out with CP because she knows he really loves me and was afraid to lose me. Talk about weird. She's really nice though. And, what do you say to that? I just said I feel like it's the right decision.

Not much else on my mind for today. I feel tomorrow I'll be more interesting. I swear.

Today's Question:

Have you ever done anything stupid in public (like running face first into a pole?)


Tayray said...

Stupid in a public place? And this is Tayray, come on!!!
Where to start.. Well I fell face first off the dance floor and busted my head, I kicked over tables, for no reason, I puked all over a bar once, I got caught pissing behind a dumpster at the bar, need I go on????

hot for jr. said...

like mother like daughter! I'm sure mom would post this, but since I get going earlier than her.... I don't actually remember it happening, but mom tells the story of when we were playing outside in PA and she ran face first into a telephone pole, tree, or something like that.
I'm the GOOD child. I've never done anything stupid in a public place!!

Charlie Mc said...

i was showing off in baseball practice in front of girls watching from the stands. I was playing centerfield. Someone hit a home run over the fence and I had to hop it to get the ball. My pants got caught on the fence and got pulled around my ankles and i was hanging on the fence upside down in my underwear with my baseball pants around my ankles.

Rachel said...

it must be almost spring there. Snow one day, sun the next! Here, it's mostly sunny all the time. My buns don't care about thunder. Funny, huh?

Mon said...

Tayray: I missed the header on the dance floor, I'm so mad!
Jr: Sure, blame mom!
Charlie: That is freaking classic!
Rachel: That is funny. Mine didn't like the thunder much, but they'll come sniff the freaking vacuume cleaner.